Double card double stay full netcom + eight nuclear! lenovo


In addition to the listed VIBE X2 S858T Z2 series of high-end models, such as lenovo, it seems, are still ready to read more influential aircraft and after god machine factory is launchedstar(informal) big battery long stay, new and Ann – T/kra – w models such as the trial activities, new reserves is very abundant.

But more cattle X seems to be the exposure of this new product recently, lenovo god machine factory to launch a new trial activities again, this time on this mysterious phone not only has eight nuclear “heart”, still have very strong network compatibility.

It is reported the machine code for XP, according to the official trial shows that you can see part features, lenovo XP xinji will use eight processors, may still adopt the MTK chip, 64MT6752、MT6595May, at the same time has the function of double card double stay (double nano – the sim card slot), the best is the product will achieve the entire network coverage, apparently after Z2 PRO this new product is a product has a comprehensive network compatible ability, can support CDMA but still need to officially comes out, it is supposed that the unicom mobile double 4 g.

Lenovo channels of operators and low-end products this year still are numerous, but watch for more higher-order products gradually enriched, recently listed X2 and multilayer dazzle colour box design innovation for a good response, from known specifications analysis code in XP product should still is a high-end positioning of the products.