Domestic first SDM845 + IP68 full screen phone AGM X3 release: 8 gb of memory


According to qualcomm relevant personage in an interview, SDM 845 will not be exclusive to specify the starting, if anyone from qualcomm customers buy chips are equal here, what do you want out of the limelight all depends on the progress of the control.So, the foreign media on the non pulled out the AGM X3 this phone.

AGM is focus on outdoor is three from domestic mobile phone manufacturers, however the X3 this product seems to declare its foray into the mainstream consumer market.

Design, the machine’s main selling point has one of the keywords “light”.

Configuration is somewhat fort, such as SDM 845, up to 8 g + 128 gb storage, 5.99 inches and display, pre – 20 million camera (boasts Face ID of structured light technology), rear double 24 million + 12 million pixels.

AGM has always been good at three on the X3 retain only the IP68 dust waterproof, other details and bluetooth 5.0, NFC, QC3.0 quick charge and so on, is due to the summer sale.

PR professional level, however, remains to be promoted, “JDI or AMOLED” the emergence of “Micro USB Type – C” for the phone to lose face.

AT said the AGM X3 is just on the non paper distribution does not have a prototype display, AT the risk of “earn enough eye”, or let time under inspection.


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