Dji’s First Single-handed Camera Stabilizer, Ronin-S Appeared at CES 2018.


DJI, the leader of the global innovation imaging technology, unveiled the new Osmo mobile phone cloud platform 2 and the hand-held cloud platform Ronin-S at CES 2018. The two products are designed to achieve stable images of mobile phone shooting and camera shooting, and redefine the technical standard of holding stable products.

Ronin-S inherits the Ronin 2’s industry leading precision control of algorithm and the application of intelligent software design, which gives full play to the advantage of the accumulated technology of DJI cloud platform. Also it is compatible with a series of high-end accessories of professional film and television class. The powerful high torque motor can support most mainstream cameras and lenses on the market, including Canon 5D, Nikon D, Panasonic GH and SONY Alpha series. Its stable system is compatible with high ratio zoom lens and external focus wheel. The advanced ekf algorithm integrates the data of each sensor seamlessly. And the accuracy of attitude calculation has a qualitative leap, making the drift of the cloud platform become the past form.


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