Disassembly of OnePlus 5T


OnePlus 5T is designed with a full metal body. First turn off the phone and take out the SIM card slot, and then screw the two screws at the bottom of the fuselage with a screwdriver.

Unscrew the fixed screw and separate the screen from the fuselage, the process must be careful. The fuselage has two rows connected to the back cover, one is the rear fingerprint identification line, the other is the end plug interface line. After removing the two rows, the back cover is separated with motherboard.

We can see that there are foam cotton around the back cover of 5T, which greatly improves the sealing ability of the phone. The Type-C interface and the 3.5mm headphone hole are all designed on the back cover, which is not often seen on the all-metal fuselage phone. The Type-C interface and the 3.5mm headphone hole are fixed on the back cover by four screws, which can separate the screw from the back cover. After the separation, the back cover of 5T will be completely removed from the main body of the mobile phone!

The motherboard is separated after disconnecting the main board and the secondary board and removing the antenna. The motherboard is screwed to the fuselage by a large number of screws. But at this time you can’t be careless about the small buckle, you must be careful when removing the motherboard.

Then we start to disassemble the camera. The machine is with 20MP and 16MP dual rear cameras. The two SONY sensors, IMX398 and 376K, are f/1.7 large aperture. Obviously, OnePlus is more focused on weak light shooting this time. With a 16MP front-facing camera, the depth of field produced by the portrait is clear.

Next we remove the battery. The battery is fixed by the adhesive, and the plastic handle can easily pull the battery up, which is convenient for the maintenance and replacement of the battery. In order to support strong performance, the 3300mAh battery is crammed into the thin fuselage and with a Dash. The lower part is a large speaker, fixed by multiple screws. And the size of the speaker is bigger than that of other phones in the same size.

Now, the phone is completely dismantled and then we install it. When install in the end, we find that after removing the card buckle, the phone’s screen is still very tight, and the o-ring seal around the screen has not been destroyed. The phone can be normal use and camera features are in good condition.

From the disassembly, we can see that OnePlus 5T is very good inside and it is not easy to do so in the details that users can’t see. OnePlus 5T is a real flagship.


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