Dazzle colour box/eight nuclear association VIBE X2


A big wave, new release, in turn, the international consumer electronics show in Berlin, lenovo also take this opportunity to the outside world debut for his ownVIBE X2, this new handsets innovation adopted multicolor box design, and picked upmediatekThe latest mass productionMT6595Eight processors, with suction wind the shape of the eyes, this kind of mobile phone in IFA.

Like lenovo definition of X series, the X2 is an emphasis on design of product, called “Layer 3” in the design of multicolor VIBE X2 box to become a major selling point, compared to common flat box in the color of smart phones, X2 by putting a different color combination together, each Layer in the box has a different color, including black screen panel, reach more than 4 kinds of color, SHOW a more bold fashion style, in addition to the key recommendation of orange version, this machine has different colors such as blue, gray, red, can choose the color of the very rich.

Another highlight points on the machine design is the same as the X1, body is light, thin, no bumps on the back element, the thickness of the VIBE X2 made it around 7 mm, weight is less than 120 g, 1 generation products have obvious progress.Machine modeling of concise line, with the appearance of the founder, disassembly does not support the shell.

VIBE X2 lower back several metal contact, role is to match the other peripherals connect, lenovo has a lot of intelligence for VIBE X2 accessories, such as bluetooth stereo, increase the battery capacity of the battery back shell, etc., in the case of however affect affect beautiful for X2 implementation more additional features.

For carrying the MTK MT6595M eight core processor, VIBE X2 became the current in the second paragraph USES the MT6595 end products, with 2 g RAM and 16 gb / 32 gb ROMMemory, a natural performance more powerful than VIBE X.In addition the X2 is equipped with 5 inches in 1080 and 1080 p resolution screen / 13000000 megapixel camera, 2250 ma battery, based on the Android 4.42 custom VIBE UI2.0, foreign version 4 g network can support full frequency.This article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

Price, VIBE X2 priced around $399, about 2449 yuan, domestic listed may also be released in the near future.

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