Crash! Press Conference on the same day? What will Happen between Xiaomi and Huawei


This morning, xiaomi officially announced that it would hold the mi MIX 2S conference on March 27, and the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform is expected. On the same day, huawei will hold a press conference in Paris, France, to launch the flagship huawei P20 series.

Xiaomi and huawei will hold a conference on the same day, whether intentionally or coincidentally, it is always regarded as an undeserved arrangement. At last year’s xiaomi global supplier conference, Lei Jun said that he wanted to return to Top 1 in China for in ten quarters (two and a half years), directly challenging the first huawei.

Where does xiaomi’s confidence come from?

In 2017, the sales and reputation of xiaomi phones have rebounded strongly, and the revenue has passed the hundred billion threshold. On  one hand, it is derived from the advantage of the cost performance and the guidance of the full screen trend of android phones; On the other hand, xiaomi started to fully develop new retail in the last year, and invested heavily in offline channels. Xiaomi’s reputation is also due to the thriving ecological chain. Xiaomi held the first MIoT developers conference at the end of last year and revealed mi IoT platform had become the world’s largest IoT platform at the end of 2017.

Can huawei see the move?

Ren Zhengfei, the CEO of huawei said in a public speech that huawei will further open up overseas markets, meanwhile strengthen the leading position in China.

And huawei’s new Internet brand honor deals with the competition of xiaomi. Through the positioning of huawei and honor dual brands, it creates a more high-end brand image of huawei and guarantees the brand premium. This makes xiaomi suffer a lot of difficulties in competition with huawei. However, the purpose of the crash is to  direct compete with huawei brand. While huawei’s counterattack is to make honor brand stronger.

There must be a war at home and abroad.

Both xiaomi and huawei want to pursue a larger share of the market and sales. Because of the huge stock of Chinese market, it is possible to become a fortune 500 company after getting the Chinese market. But it doesn’t mean foreign markets aren’t important. For China mobile phone manufacturers, it is full of opportunities in new markets. On one hand, the western European market will help lift the brand image. On the other hand, India, Latin America, Africa and so on are still in the popularizing period of the smartphone market, which is the important base for  vendors to promote sales.

No matter xiaomi or huawei, the brand has suffered from different degrees of patent and security setbacks. Such as xiaomi’s frequent patent litigation abroad. Huawei has been slow to reach the U.S. market because of security and patent issues. And at the start of the year, the second largest U.S. carrier, AT&T, suspended contracts with huawei. Therefore, xiaomi and huawei pay more energy on technology. Xiaomi has launched patent cooperation with qualcomm, baidu, Microsoft, nokia and other international companies, paving the way for internationalization. Huawei, meanwhile, is working hard to build standards for communications equipment, aiming to become a standard-setter in the upcoming 5G era.

So, the crash of xiaomi and huawei conference is only because xiaomi wants to challenge. On the way of reaching small goals, whether at home or broad, xiaomi will have more fights with huawei.


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