Comparison between OnePlus 5T and OPPO R11s


Since the launch of the day, the OnePlus 5T has got mixed reviews, even more bad reviews. Because the so-called “Never Settle” company has launched a phone having the same appearance with OPPO R11s.兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

Taking photos is one of the big difference between OnePlus 5T and OPPO R11s. It may be asked if the cameras in both phones are the same with 16 MP and 20MP sensors, two F/1.7 large aperture lenses, then what is the difference?

In fact, for mobile phone photo imaging quality, the hardware specifications of cameras is important. But the ISP, DSP and the manufacturer’s camera setup algorithm also play a very important role, they can even directly use algorithm to make up the lack of hardware and software function (such as Google Pixel 2, vivo X20, etc.).兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

So now, back to OnePlus 5T and OPPO R11s, their promotions emphasis on photo performance.兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

一加5T拍摄 1/1525s ISO200 F/1.7 HQ模式

兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

OPPO R11s拍摄 1/1464s ISO38 F/1.7

Today, I will show you the difference of the two phone’s photo performance. Let’s take a look at the sample.兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

一加5T拍摄 1/4011s ISO200 F/1.7

兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

OPPO R11s拍摄 1/3868s ISO91 F/1.7

The first group, daytime scene contrast, two phones show completely different image tone. OnePlus 5T chooses the green tone while OPPO R11s chooses purple. If turning on HQ mode of OnePlus 5T, OPPO R11s will be beaten, so for fair competition, we won’t do this in following pictures .兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

一加5T拍摄 1/398s ISO125 F/1.7 HDR-On

兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

OPPO R11s拍摄 1/461s ISO33 F/1.7 HDR-On

The second group. With turning off HQ mode, OPPO R11s does better in  detail reduction. Distant buildings, nearby cars and trees… So we can see the importance of HQ mode for OnePlus 5T.

The third group, high scenario contrast. When we took the samples, we started the HDR function in their cameras to test their exposure orientation and availability. Thankfully, two phones of HDR sample did not appear the “white”. The difference is that HDR of OnePus 5T pays attention to suppress too much exposure of highlights part but image shadow is still black; The HDR of OPPO R11s focuses on raising brightness of the dark part , but the highlights are overexposed.

The fourth group. When opening the portrait mode, OnePlus 5T and OPPO R11s are basically consistent with the judgment of the focal plane on the edge of the object. The degrees of background blur are similar, and the daytime availability is relatively high.

But the portrait mode of OnePlus 5T only provide 1 X focal length, while OPPO R11s becomes better because of supporting 1.6 X zoom. After the zoom, the image effect is more close to human eyes. What’s more, OPPO R11s can choose the suitable camera intelligently when light intensity changes.兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

一加5T拍摄 1/10s ISO3200 F/1.7

兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

OPPO R11s拍摄 1/17s ISO1654 F/1.7

The fifth group, dark light scene contrast. There is a dark light in the room, and the orientation of OnePlus 5T and OPPO R11s shows another difference in exposure. The former is significantly higher than the latter. The sixth group. When it comes to the outdoor night scene, the two phones all cleaned up against the noise of the night sky. This group of samples is close to the extreme light intensity in the ambient light intensity, it is not easy for the two phones to guarantee the purity of the picture.兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

一加5T拍摄 1/10s ISO2500 F/1.7

兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比

OPPO R11s拍摄 1/17s ISO1917 F/1.7

On the whole, OnePlus 5T and OPPO R11s matches in photo imaging quality. In terms of function, OnePlus 5T provides HQ mode and OPPO R11s takes zoom in portrait mode. Their product positioning are right. Therefore, you can choose the suitable one depending on you desire.兄弟明算账 一加5T/OPPO R11s拍照对比


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