clearance sale Meizu ‘ s handsets drop into a cabbage someone cry

This morning , the Meizu officially has pushed out a blockbuster news : This year ‘ s flagship PRO 7 straight drop 600 having a big sale at the date of the double 12 . This means that the Meizu flagship of this fall , confirms the previous Meizu PRO 7 product failure over the departures of the news .

清仓大甩卖 魅族这几款手机降成白菜价 有人却哭了

For consumers , price is nice , after all , the welfare . Who can ? But buying high – priced PRO 7 of Meizu ‘ s fans , but who was not , after all , he spent so much money . But this is also not the way it goes , ride the double 12 sell cheaper than overstock so expensive that I had to commit to next year ‘ s estimate is more difficult to sell .

PRO 7 as the flagship failed cannot really blame the marketing , and product design and the entire supply chain condition relation , the much – maligned Mediatek processor is no solution of the problem .

in addition to the PRO 7 , Meizu ‘ s first high – pass platform cellphone charm Blue Note 6 also follows the announcement of $ 300 , than the double 11 but also preferential price , estimated to have bought fans see morale dart up blood again . This phone whether Yan values or properties that are excellent , price is not expensive , is to buy in the end .

清仓大甩卖 魅族这几款手机降成白菜价 有人却哭了

Recalling the 2017 , Meizu and many thanks to the understated , expect Meizu 2018 can be staged ” The Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King , and offer fans real contribution of the flagship products .


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