Chinese Scientists Invented a kind of Magic Battery


It is reported that Chinese scientists have developed a lithium-ion battery that can be used in freezing temperatures at minus 70 degrees Celsius, which can be used in extremely cold regions of the earth and even in outer space.

The scientific research achievements from Xia Yongyao team of Fudan University. It adopts ethyl acetate conducted with low freezing point and under the condition of extreme low temperature as the electrolyte, using two kinds of organic compounds as electrode, PTPAn cathode and PNTCDA anode.

The organic compounds do not need to embed the lithium ions into the molecular matrix of the electrode, avoiding the problem that the traditional lithium battery is slow embedded in the process at low temperature.

The lithium battery loses 50 percent of its performance at minus 20 degrees, and loses 88 percent at minus 40 degrees, which is why phones in the winter or cold regions become slow or unexpectedly shut down.

New battery materials are sufficient and the cost is not high, still green. But the researchers admit that the main problem to commercialize it is the density of the new battery energy is too low, so it can not compare with lithium battery now.


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