CES2018: Competition among SONY, Samsung and LG


From January9 to 12 in 2018, the 51st CES will be held in Las Vegas. Manufacturers have already started a round of “fighting” on advertising panel.


Google is likely to start developing its own voice assistant, which is as well-known as Apple’s “Hey, Siri”. Perhaps this is Google’s “little goal” this year.


This morning, Ssamsung unveiled a MicroLED TV called TheWall, which measures 146 inches. TheWall is the world’s first modular television. Users can change the size of the TV by increasing or decreasing the number of modules. Samsung did not give the price, but it must be expensive.

LG’s ThinQ

At this exhibition, LG will officially launch ThinQ, a voice interactive platform that integrates LG’s own artificial intelligence engine DeepThinQ. With this technology, we can easily use the TV remote control microphone to control ThinQ, and the user can talk to the TV. In addition, ThinQ also supports smart home products including intelligent vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, air purifiers, smart lightbulbs and smart speakers.

Huawei Mate10

Huawei mate10 will be debuted in the US and begin to enter the US market in CES2018. The dominance position of Apple and Samsung is hard to shake in the US market. What will Huawei do to compete with them at CES?


It is likely that SONY will unveil new OLED TV, high-end smartphone and next-generation DSLR and 4KHDR projectors in CES2018.


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