CES 2018: Smartmi displays a number of Good-looking Household Appliances


CES 2018 officially opens in Las Vegas on January 9. Smartmi came to the scene with many common household appliance products that have generous and good-looking appearance design.

We can see many air purifiers, including Max, which was released a few days ago. Max is much larger than the other air purifiers because it has been greatly improved its air purification capacity. The actual purification capacity of this air purifier can reach 1000m3 /h, which is the new industry standard. At the same time, Smartmi also brings the air purifier MI 2S, Smartmi dehumidifier and other products.

There is also the Smartmi full dc frequency conversion air conditioner, which continues Xiaomi’s concise style in the appearance. The outlet and LCD screen of the air-conditioner are all downward sloping to facilitate user’s use. The power of the Smartmi air-conditioner is 1.5, which is the primary energy efficiency.

At the same time, we can see the figure of the Smartmi dc inverter fan. The fan has a built-in lithium battery and supports wireless connections that can be manipulated with a mobile phone. The internal dc brushless motor has the natural wind stochastic simulation method, which can provide the comfortable feeling that is closer to the breeze in nature.


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