Apple’s Cheaper Version of iPhone X is fully Exposed: LCD Screen + Glass Material


At 18:55 last night, industry insider @mobile chip revealed: 6.1-inch LCD full screen, single lens, aluminum frame, glass material. Take out force touch and change it to touch. Reduce the cost to $699 (less than 5000 yuan). It is the most comprehensive information of “cheap” iPhone X so far. There is no official name.

Appearance design

The appearance is the same with the iPhone X, also using the special-shaped full screen design and keeping “bang” design concept. It also uses aluminum alloy frame and back glass material. But unlike the  OLED screen of iPhone X, the cheap version is with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. LCD screen version of the new iPhone will have seven colors.

Functional configuration

The core processor is the A11 bionic chip, which removes the Force Touch and changes it into a Touch pad. The machine has 12 MP rear camera, 7 MP front-facing camera, face recognition and so on. It is with built-in 3GB RAM and 2800-2950mAh battery capacity, supporting wireless charging.


The American version is $699 and Chinese version is RMB4,400.

According to industry news, the new ratio of three new models in 2018 is 6:2:2. Specifically, the 6.1-inch low-priced single-lens LCD version is 60%, 5.8-inch dual-lens OLED version 20%, and 6.5-inch dual-lens OLED version 20%. In other words, the 6.1-inch, cheaper version of the iPhone X will be Apple’s main product in 2018.


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