Apple take the lead in 3 d sensing 2018 smartphones will become mainstream configuration

Sources inside the supply chain, 2018 3 d sensing technology will replace the fingerprint identification has become the mainstream in the smartphone biometric authentication technology, is expected to have more smartphone makers, including huawei, the mainstream of millet, Oppo android camp enterprise as its new smartphones using 3 d sensors.

Sources said, in addition to Vivo has confirmed that will continue to release new smartphones model of the integrated fingerprint sensor, most other brands have cancelled released plans to support the fingerprint sensor technology models.

However, few brands could rival apple in 3 d sensing technology development spend huge amounts of resources.So these brands will rely on the upstream suppliers of integrated solution to 3 d sensing technology application more quickly.

Sources said that with qualcomm has alleged Himax Technologies, Truly Opto – electronics cooperation to jointly play such a phone manufacturers provide integrated 3 d sensing solutions provider.

Qualcomm to provide solution algorithm.Himax responsible for DOE (diffraction optical element), NIR and projector;Truly Opto assembly will be responsible for 3 d sensor solutions.

Allegedly, OPPO and millet has verified the qualcomm and its partners to develop a 3 d sensing solutions, through the adoption of such a solution can let it fast in 3 d sensing club.

Apple’s main camera module supplier Largan Precision also says it has resources development related 3 d sensor module.

Apple, open the android camp is going to start a new round of chase again.But want to catch up on 3 d sensing technology apple does need a lot of time, keijisecuritiesApple analyst Guo Ming ð « “ creates once analysts say apple TrueDepth camera function and experience to lead the android competitors 2.5


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