Apple Plots New iPhone X: Cheap Version on the Road


According to the situation of this year, Apple will send three new iphones and iPhone 8 should be replaced by a variety of versions of the iPhone X.

According to South Korean media ET news, Apple is planning new iPhone X. The bang of the new machine will be much smaller. Specifically, Apple  begins to strengthen facial sensor function by integrating face ID sensor  into the front-facing camera, which means if Apple integrates RGB camera with infrared , the bang will be much than it is now.

From the release date of iPhone X, Apple has confirmed to achieve truly accounted for 100% of the screen. While iPhone X contains the infrared lens, reflective/distance/ambient light sensor, microphone, a front-facing camera, lattice projector now.

It is worth mentioning Taiwan industry chain is follow up the idea of Apple, synthesis to implement new sensor. And the cheap version of the iPhone X is produced in secret. It will use a 6.01 -inch LCD screen, as well as metal shell, and the appearance is the same with iphone X.


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