Apple Negative Optimization? Performance of iPhone X Fall by 30 Percent after it is Hot


Bogdan Popa, author of SoftPedia, wrote that he had found a painful problem in the period of using iPhone X on February 28th.

The temperature will be quite high after iPhone X is loaded. The cooling process takes up to 10 minutes. If you take a photo or turn on a photo, video and so on, you’ll notice that the phone’s response rate is significantly slower.

Popa also noted that the brightness of the screen will be reduced when the iPhone X is too hot, regardless of the True Tone option. It may be Apple’s strategy to keep the screen from burning, but the frequency reduction in cooling is a sign that iOS 11 is poorly optimized.

In the end, he shared the GeekBench 4 runs in cool state and hot state. The multi-core performance of the two had a nearly 3,000 points gap. That’s 30 percent down.



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