Apple let a fake game in the App Store

Security personnel today reported that Cuphead counterfeit iOS game in apple’s app store has been released today, seemingly legitimate content, have real screenshots, and indicate the $5, and state that is StudioMDHR Cuphead developers but support pages link to “”, rather than the actual StudioMDHR website “”.If the user to buy the game, the user will see an incorrect name: “StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.”

Query the registration information obtained, the website “” is called Walter Gregor people registered, he is not StudioMDHR employees.For the studio, don’t let the world people think this fake game StudioMDHR quietly and break itMicrosoftExclusive agreement between highly public, especially in the months after release.

A Twitter user posted a screenshot showing StudioMDHR confirmed that this is a scam, and StudioMDHR also confirm this to us.StudioMDHR said they are trying to delete the fake game.StudioMDHR said, in the iOS store has an imposter Cuphead applications, this is a scam.We are deleted as soon as possible fraud application!

But the user can use the touch control actually play this version Cuphead, but background looks low resolution, and animation is very original, does not seem to apply some basic elements in the touch screen.Someone will try to submit to the iOS platform so fake games and attack Cuphead is not surprising.But what’s surprising is that apple will make it approved in the submission process, especially considering the Cuphead is one of the most anticipated games of the year.

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