Apple , Huawei , Xiaomi , OPPO , VIVO preemption of 91 per cent of the domestic mobile phone market !


One , Apple , Huawei , Xiaomi , OPPO , VIVO preemption of 91 per cent of the domestic mobile phone market !


domestic mobile phone market , the trend continues , from third – party mechanism to the data of investigation , the head of the manufacturers can have an advantage more evident .

market researcher Kantar Worldpanel to a recent study of the global mobile phone market , according to the report , China ‘ s top five handset makers more firmly , the end of October , Huawei , Xiaomi , Apple , vivo and OPPO ‘ s top five handset manufacturers together accounting for 91 % of the entire market share for the same period last year , this number is only 79 % .

The agency did not identify each a share of the market . But they are mentioned , as compared to the same period of last year , the company ‘ s growth in China ‘ s domestic market share ratio is slightly increased by 0 . 5 % ; however in the UK , US , Japan and other markets , Apple shares are up 7 per cent – 8 per cent year – on – year decline .

” Overall , this situation exists because , as compared to the iPhone , in July 2016 , the year Apple introduced the iPhone 8 and which cannot be said to be their flagship models ; Apple ‘ s iPhone sales performance depends on the X on the market in popularity of the ” Kantar Worldpanel analyst Dominic said .

Remarkably , the five vendors are at the same time , another market research firm IDC statistics of the 2016 Chinese handset shipments in the top five .

At present , the distance of the end of 2017 , coming less than a month . Basically , the maker of the full – year sales have also been finalised ; according to the information available , it can be said that the brand ‘ s performance remains strong .

In Wuzhen , Yu , who told the media spoke of the Huawei consumer business this year and wholesale sales . He said that in spite of the simple pursuit of market share of Huawei is not the direction , but in fact this year ‘ s sales target is already completed , ” if not an active station axed tens of millions of low – end machines , and sales for the year is sure to exceed 2 million units . ”

Yu , who was mentioned in the second half of a new flagship Mate 10 ‘ s performance has surprised his enormous market demand than he thought of the situation is more preferably 5 to 6 times .

In addition , OPPO , Xiaomi including manufacturers this year have also maintained a steady growth in shipments , or completes the shipment . can be basically determined the conditions under which manufacturers are also at the end of the list occupy the top five positions .

independent TMT analyst Fu Liang , had earlier told reporters that after the development of domestic mobile phone market , the top two or three of the big manufacturers and does not basically change , change will only appear at the head of the Special Needs of Landlocked Developing Countries within a New Global Framework for Transit Transport Cooperation for Landlocked and Transit Developing Countries ranked between manufacturers .

” Overall , the Top 5 of overall share is steadily improving . In this case , for others , how is becoming smaller and smaller share of the overall increase in brand awareness , on the market pursuant to Article 6 or 7 of the brand , will gobble up most of the major tasks , ” Fu Liang pointed out .

but , at the head of the player ‘ s advantage was still significant in the case , leaving other manufacturers of the time is running out . Therefore , in the row behind the vendor also started looking for more ways to propel the shipments .

in – – – – Mr . Jin is perhaps the most radical of a . Late last month , they released the disposable 8 , for the full – screen mobile phone , the price covers a range of premium , the price of 4,399 yuan to RMB9,999 yuan per square metre , the price of the machine , where the model also boasts more than 2,000 yuan for a large share .

Although a full screen into the latter half of the year , the mobile phone industry , but in the mainstream manufacturers will be fully set in the screen was a flagship case , Mr . Jin sought out profitable user other than the full screen of the mobile phone market . They want a more diversified products to meet this demand , so as to push their own shipments .

” up to 2,000 yuan for the full – screen phone and upscale , hope these products can make our sales plans a fairly large growth . ” The conference , ‘ Mr . Jin , the chairman and chief executive , said Liu Rong said .

Second , Apple supply chain to additional orders for the iPhone 7 next year continue production


On 11 December a message in response to recent news that supply chain , Apple added 20 million iPhone orders 7 , which is also Apple ‘ s first on the old model of large – scale tracking . Pegatron chairman boy virtuous , Pegatron has over 30 percent in the fourth quarter of the capacity in production of its old products available for the iPhone ( 7 ) , the single customized units of scrapping was also rather badly .

Instead of selling the iPhone 7 is changed , the statistical agencies under the latest Canalys report shows that , in the third quarter of this year , the world ‘ s top – selling iPhone 7 , selling a total of 13 million . 8 while the iPhone shipments was only 540 million iPhone shipments of the Plus 8 was 630 million .

iPhone sales in order to press the iPhone 8 7 / 8 Plus , both unexpected and surprising that this is . in line 8 to the iPhone as an example , the 64GB version requires 5888Engine yuan , while a 128 GB version of iPhone 7 for only $ 5388 . As to the difference – – that is , one is a glass material , the material is a metal ; and a processor is the A11 , A10 processor is one ; a 3GB for transport , one is 2GB , transport them .

While the iPhone 7 performance lagged behind , but considering the Apple product optimization , and the respective machine using habits , it ‘ s not hard to imagine that this cost will also attract many consumers buy .

And For Apple , iPhone7 belongs to the old model , mature manufacturing process , production line does not need to purchase new equipment , and the yield reached almost 100 percent , a far lower cost than iPhone8 / 8 like new , and continue to sell helps to gross margin .

III . This locally produced handsets through their most resembled the iPhone X , Phoenix Legend endorsement !

iPhone in the smartphone pioneer , the numerous manufacturers in Apple – – performance operation , etc , while it also improved the design of the study . But this year the iPhone X when released , may have less . wherein the maximum point of the groove would be unique but the quirkiness of Liu Haiping , aficionados call : too ugly .

probably weird bizarre plays was highlighted at the cute , little bangs , which is also the darling of the mobile phone . Previous news came , OPPO ‘ s new patents with the iPhone screen design is very similar to X , after another Huawei distribution comprehensive screen P11 will be profiled . The iPhone version is X – shaped OLED maker of Android – buying spree , next year a comprehensive visual bangs confidential Street , on the market . In these cell phones and the iPhone is simply a X to be produced in a mold , but it cut bangs , specially for the chin pad .


This phone called Bang Hua ( ) , Shenzhen is under detailed discussion . Although , the establishment of 20 years , but it is likely that most people have not heard . It recently released its anomalous screen Notch series phones , the novelty of the iPhone X . dimension style , Liu border is always the same , the back vertical double camera and also X is similiar to the iPhone , only more reserved at the bottom of the bezel , the overall screen proportion is higher still . Although there is no , but still a sincere tribute to Apple .

Maybe you can get their hands on this little – known product , but recently also asked Phoenix Legend , estimate the precipitation , now in the future will become more and more in the audience in the field of view . Maybe it will become the domestic market of the new black , what do you think ?

Four , Samsung ‘ s $ 26 billion bet : the wish to monopolize the DRAM and NAND flash memory market


According to media reports , after 50 years of development , the semiconductor market is still very active , which this year is expected to increase by 20 % . With the high growth is the shortage of DRAM and flash memory prices . That is why this year will rise .

Samsung DRAM and flash memory market . It plans next year will be the production in terms of capital expenditure budget is mentioned in 1 . 5 times , increased to $ 26 billion . Relatively speaking , Intel in 2017 capital – spending budget was only 120 billion , up 25 % in 2016 . As a matter of fact Samsung had a budget of approximately 2017 three large companies such as Intel , TSMC and SK Hynix , the sum of the capital expenditure budget .

Samsung ‘ s main rival , now faces a tough choice . They either raising capital – spending budget , ensuring sufficient supply so as to maintain its own market share or lose the competition , Samsung because of higher production capacity will reach others produce economies of scale .

Samsung wants to pursue any of the companies are facing the entire industry oversupply , price declines and a wider loss . semiconductor plant must have a full – load operation , in order to maintain the lowest cost , the price can be as long as they pay off their variable expenses and fixed costs , it ‘ s worth continues to power its factories .

But , if they do not add to the budget , improve productivity , then they could face a shrinking market share , an increase in cost and final hit as a result of the consequences . Don ‘ t expect Intel and Micron ‘ s joint venture capable against Samsung . Decades ago , Intel has pulled out of the DRAM business .

Intel and Micron ‘ s presence in its 3D XPointer NVRAM ( non – volatile flash memory ) may be capable of a DRAM and a flash part of the market . However , this hope is destined to fail , because they determine the 3D XPointer tied to the Intel CPU . In addition , Samsung from Crossbar or company is buying or obtaining authorization with the use of NVRAM technology competition .


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