Apple bug: the iPhone 6 time to market is deleted


Tease you play?IPhone6 or not on September 26, landing in mainland China

After apple’s official website screenshot

Tease you play?IPhone6 or not on September 26, landing in mainland China

Apple’s official website screenshot


DoNews news on September 10, on the morning of September 10, apple’s official website, according to the iPhone 6, the iPhone will be in China on September 26, one week later than the first.Then on the news media reported.Apple this afternoon, however, changes to the page, the information about the new product in China on September 26th to be deleted.

10 in the morning, apple announced that the new phones first listed countries including the United States, France, Hong Kong, China, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Britain, Australia and Japan and other countries, China is not one of them.

For mainland China is not within the scope of the starting, apple has not, according to the personage inside course of study points out, but operators in mainland China for the iPhone6 starting list of countries, the reason is that the equipment is not through the ministry of audit.

In domestic consumers for the missed the iPhone 6 and regret, but apple official website to guide the purchase page shows that China will be released on September 26th the new iPhone.

Apple’s official website update again soon, China has also can buy from Asia iPhone 6 and iPhone plus countries have been removed.Apple confirmed said, “on September 26th in China” is a goal.

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