Apple acknowledged that human drop after speed by the class action lawsuit has been accused of fraud

The original title: apple is the defendant!Some people say that the cook has panic!

Apple acknowledged that slows the phone is in response to the battery aging, consumer ungrateful, they suspected fraudulent apple is trying to entice consumers to buy new mobile phone, and apple to court.

Apple mobile phone slow, you might think of work behind the scenes is apple.Last week apple publicly acknowledged that humanSlows the phone is in response to the battery of ageing problems.But consumers are not effusive, they suspected fraudulent apple is trying to entice consumers to buy new mobile phone, and apple to court, make the apple in the credit crisis in the deep.

According to the Chicago sun-times website reported that the United States on Thursday, five apple mobile phone users to submit to the Chicago federal court for up to 20 pages of litigation, launched a class action lawsuit for apple.

These users accused apple hiding information should be open, and said that if apple shows only need to replace batteries in advance can make their old phone faster, so they will not have to spend more money to buy the new apple mobile phones.They accused apple mobile phone is a fraud, intended to tempt consumers to buy apple’s new phone.The Associated Press reported, litigants think apple this motivation or malicious and into consumer fraud.Because apple’s silence cause they make the wrong choice, mobile phone after slow to buy a new phone as the only option.

Apple publicly admitted last week in the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 s, and the iPhone SE old phone using the “artificial slows cell phones” technology, but apple said the aim was to avoid surgery battery aging, caused by accidental shutdown.But apple which are operating in a “black box”, and not to the user, also did not make any tips, so apple arguments have not quell the user’s question, has a number of consumers more filed a lawsuit to the court in the United States.

The Associated Press, litigation who want to be able to represent more apple users, in the United States launched class-action lawsuits.

For apple for such “avoid user mobile phone suddenly shut down and reduce the speed of human practice, a number of people to the inside (ID: huanqiu – com) expresses the inconsistent opinions.

One industry engineers believe, mobile phone battery after aging was really easy suddenly shut down, apple limit speed to avoid shutdown explanation is established.

But Shanghai wood ye robotics Lv Wei argue that apple’s this kind of practice is not necessary, other mobile phones are also facing the same problem, but did not like apple to reduce the speed.

Technology to observe every instantaneous rain, said apple there should be a better way to handle it, such as free or proper charge for the user’s old phone replacement battery;Also can provide the user with Jane’s iOS system, in order to reduce the burden of mobile hardware.

Beijing Hao Junbo lawyer at Hao Junbo told inside (ID: huanqiu – com), said in public information display, apple did violated the rights and interests of consumers.Class-action lawsuits, he argues, are common in the United States, litigation in the courts, big probability will be more cases collected for concentrating hearing a case.Hao Junbo said the case itself is not complicated, trial procedure is simple, efficiency of the whole case more quickly.”May be the final result of the two sides reached a settlement, and the corresponding compensation by apple to consumers and the settlement.”

For Chinese consumers, equally vast Numbers of users Hao Junbo said, because the law of problem, Chinese consumers in the American class action is relatively complex and the cost is higher, this method is not recommended.Hao Junbo said, theoretically in China to buy apple mobile phone and used in China, but for China there is no collective lawsuit system, consumers can separate to the local court to Sue apple China’s institutional investor, to seek compensation.But Hao Junbo forecast that apple case finally compensation may be small.

One day,

Chinese media say, the matter, the nu, cook panic.

O cook psychological shadow area at the moment.


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