Appearance is more big!6.5 -inch iPhone X Plus shape first

“The web technology comprehensive reports” people today are favored domestic smartphone.Although this year’s iPhone X 8 plus size slightly smaller than the iPhone appearance, but the screen size is larger.According to the report, because the mobile phone industry chain is more and more transparent, so for apple, security measures have been useless, take a look at the iPhone this year X before the fact, is all right, it is enough to the problem.

Recently, the industrial chain frequently give news that apple will open next year a larger screen iPhone X production work, there is no reason this year, mainly OLED screen capacity is limited, and need further adapt to the user for a high price.Actually for the apple iPhone Plus X, fundamentally is, of course is for those routes, because after removing physical Home button, keep the cell phone screen ratio is greatly increased, and the fuselage sacrifice not have big volume, at the same time the user for the domestic mobile phone has always been a favourite.

Now, fact talent Benjamin Geskin according to the collected information, to produce the iPhone X Plus 3 d print model, at the same time he also made the screen sticker, it looks clear a lot of, also compared with the iPhone and iPhone X 8 Plus.

Have to say, with the iPhone Plus eight is almost the same size, but the screen is increased to 6.45 inches, they have to say the iPhone Plus X is a snappy upgrade.


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