Android 9.0 New Feature: Let Users Think 4G Signals are Stronger


If you want to check the signal strength of your phone, the intuitive method is seeing the status bar.For android native system, the more the white area is, the stronger the signal becomes. But there is not a unified standard throughout the world .

Due to differences in aspects such as technology, the number of base stations, users may have poor signal in some regions. In terms of the Android terminal, because of the fixed value definition config_lteDbmThresholds, LTE signal will be very poor for a long-term.   However, Android P will bring some new changes at least in terms of signals.

XDA reported that operators will have the ability to hide in the middle of the Android P signal strength data of about phone. According to the latest news, the user can also customize the status bar signal.

AOSP code shows that the new version of Android allows operators to define specific strength thresholds for each of the five LTE signal bars, and different operators no longer use the same intensity display scheme. It allows users to “believe” that the signal will be stronger after upgrading Android P.

If your cell phone signal is in full state in future, you can confirm whether your phone is really connected to a network with a high signal intensity by third-party software .


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