Again hand in hand with mediatek HTC project MTK6795


Inside of foreign cases, HTC andmediatekTo cooperate to put aside their differences, to launch a batch of smartphones for the low-end market, these products in the specifications of the highest -desire: convince customers 616 w, picked upMTK6592Eight core processor 720 p, 5 inch screen configuration, such as the current one thousand yuan s price in all the products to HTC belongs to one of the most populist model price.

Recent HTC to wave again launched another 8 nuclear cell phone – Desire 820, adopted 615 eight nuclear Xiao dragon, is a 64 – bit version, the following HTC may play bigger, latest news shows that HTC has plans to cooperate with mediatek, again with MTK MT6795Eight core product of 64 – bit processors.

HTC MTK6795 phone

Talent has revealed that the personage inside course of study mobile phone chip, HTC has headquarters in Taiwan, new projects, mediatek is adopted in the upcoming MT6795 eight core chip, strengthen their own voice in 64, mediatek positioning is the flagship of MTK6795 processors, so the MT6795 to HTC phones a lot may be geared to the needs of high-end market, but can be MTK6795 starting companies remains to be seen.

HTC's highest-profile MTK platform products
Desire 616W

MT6795 inMT6595Conference, the chip is MT6595 64 upgrade, also adopted the 28 nm process, integrated 8 cores can be synchronous operation, speed up to 2.2 GHz, integrated IMG PowerVR G6200 graphics processors, support the highest WQXGA (2560 * 1600) and 20 m camera screen (double ISP) 2 k and 4 k * h. 265 video recording, integrated the MT6630 5-in-1 wireless chips and multi-mode multi-frequency Modem.MT6795 can support dual channel LPDDR3 memory (933 MHZ), and joined the super slow mirror technology (480 frames per second in the film of 1/16 slow play), at the same time the introduction of advanced 120 hz dynamic image display technology, strengthen the multimedia performance, is currently the most anticipated mediatek’s mobile phone chips.
As a famous international mobile phone producers, although HTC launched a series of earlierMTK platformModels, basically all belong to the OEM products, however, the project MTK6795 products in Taiwan should read more, as mediatek’s top current products, HTC if positioning for the flagship machine, this product is for mediatek into high-end market made a good start, but officially listed time Q1 may have to wait until next year or more later.