A key to screen + power saving Philips I966 real machine


Yesterday our news reports the philips mobile phone I966 appearance of news, but that is just a poster concept, people can only through the guess is that judge the appearance of mobile phones.Today there are well-known in the industry exposes I966 philips mobile phone real machine figure, will come at once to see its original appearance.

A key to screen + power saving Philips mobile phone I966 real machine
Philips mobile phone I966 real machine

Look from the photograph I966 philips mobile phone using the classic straight touch is modelling, angular, around the screen size at about 5.5 inches to 6 inches have larger screen accounted for at the same time.And see clearly on the UI USES is YunOS system, should is the latest version 3.0.In addition, look from the side of the button configuration, seems to be equipped with philips mobile phone have mostly before a key power saving function, make people the life full of expectation.

But now can grasp the information of philips mobile phone I966 only these, etc. It is not clear as to the fuselage parameters, believe the future will have more news and attractions.