5500mAh millet Max 3 exposure: the snapdragon 6601699 yuan unbeatable!

In 2017, the biggest hot spot in the smartphone is the all screen, and the flagship series to the thousand yuan is all on the screen. As the “comprehensive screen” concept leading sheep millet, but also in addition to the flagship millet MIX series also launched a thousand yuan price of red rice 5 and redmi 5 Plus.

So, when is the next full screen of millet coming?

5500mAh小米Max 3首曝光:骁龙660,1699元无敌!

The day before, there broke the news sources, large screen machine series of new machines xiaomi Max 3 will use the full screen design! And the screen size has reached a level of 7 inches of iPad! But the proportion of the screen is still 18:9, the resolution should be 2160*1080, hold grip should be and the current millet Max 2 6.44 inches of the same! Otherwise, the mobile phone is too big for everyone.

Such a big screen must be the rear fingerprint identification, and there are two rear cameras!

5500mAh小米Max 3首曝光:骁龙660,1699元无敌!

Long long electricity has been a big selling point for the millet Max series. It is reported that millet Max 3 will be equipped with a 5500mAh battery! 5300mAh is more 200mAh than the present millet Max 2! Can be called the rechargeable treasure level mobile phone!

5500mAh小米Max 3首曝光:骁龙660,1699元无敌!

In the configuration aspect, millet Max 3 or will be equipped with the 630/ of the snapdragon 660 and 4GB. The price is expected to continue to be around 1699 yuan.


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