512MB or 1GB of old mobile phones are the pure in heart , Don ‘ t change of that pot , brush factory more than a machine might slip


Google ‘ s Chrome in India officially released Android 8 . 1 Oreo , which is why Google to implement ” all AI , by the driving of the mobile platform so as to cover the whole vision .

Android 8 . 1 introduced the Android version of the Oreo ( Go ) of the support , even if is the starter model , the software can still enjoy the experience . Oreo , the Android version The Go ) , it has been outstanding , and swept over the fast – growing low – memory – device market .

Android 8 . 1 Oreo , while introducing neural network API , the application is to provide a hardware – accelerated using a machine learning operation . The API in the support device , it is possible to use multiple key scenes ( e.g . vision – based object classification ) to implement rapid and efficient inference operation .

Google said it was looking for and equipment manufacturers to cooperate actively , strive for the coming months to expand Android 8 . 1 coverage , including Oreo – Go for Android ( version ) of the starter model .

while in Xiao Long 845 of the conference , Qualcomm also confirmed there was one thing , they would support Android Go systems , given our support , before those mounted snapdragon processor of old mobile phones , will in the near future to Android 8 . 1 system .

The General Assembly also stressed the high pass , low – and medium – level snapdragon processor supports Android Go systems already in place for the project , and through their commissioning , the boost to the user , on the audience to experience the new system .

Go Android can be thought of as Android 8 . 1 of a scaled – down version , which has no independent existence , and the former and more accurate positioning is for 512MB or 1GB of mobile phone design , many systems have streamlined routines and unnecessary , let your old phone may run smoothly , and it is primary , while to experience the function of the core point .

Thus the idea is actually good , while Google and Qualcomm are pushing ahead , so some old android phone , and then for three years with no problems at all .

The following is a detailed introduction to the developers , you can find out about things .

Oreo , the Android version The Go )


And earlier in 2017 of the I / O developer conference , Google said ” Go Android plan ” aimed at millions of online users to optimize the Android experience . Android from 8 . 1 begins , we are committed to the Android platform which contribute to the creation of a better , more in line with the Android version The Go Oreo ( parameters ) required for entry .


Memory optimization of memory usage of the platform is improved , to ensure that the application can be equal to or lower than 1GB of memory on the device running .

elastic hardware options new hardware characteristic constants in the Google Play gives developers on different target type – common model ( or models ) of the Low Memory on the application of the distribution .

Application of Optimization of Google : Google application refactoring and optimized to reduce memory usage , storage space and mobile data .

Google Play : all application can be installed in the Android version of the Oreo ( Go ) based on the Google Play is also part of a specially optimized applications provide extra publicity , the case is written in the ” thousands of millions of users looking for Product Guide , which creates a remarkable experience .


We are at the same time in this Guide also illustrates how the Oreo , Go for Android ( version ) optimization application ” . Most developers may optimize the APK use Google Play or the current provided by the multi – function feature APK ( APK ) ” is a low memory device selects a particular APK , for its own Android App in Oreo ( Go ) model and on – line version . This is important to remember : regardless of the user is automatically and quickly , they ‘ re always glad to see a lightweight and efficient application .

Neural Network API


Neural Network for on – device API ( s ) is ( are ) able to machine learning framework , such as the Google Mobile Lite platform machine learning framework , Caffe2 etc . , are provided to accelerate the calculation and reasoning . Lite is now a developer ‘ s open , I ‘ d ask you to step down to Lite download open source libraries and document viewing . In the neural network co – Lite and API , with the cooperation of the mobile device is capable of efficient operation similar , Inception v3 and Smart Reply module .

automatically filled in with upgraded and more


Android 8 . 1 sexual selection and developer API API level ( 27 ) , as well as the latest item optimization , bug fixes and security patches . Developers can utilize a variety of API for their applications , such as automatically upgraded to fill in the shared memory API . You can also add existing Android Oreo , the function , see Oreo , Android ‘ s official website .

In Android 8 . 1 on the test application

If you are not yet ready to jump in , spend a little time to test the application , to enable users to upgrade to Android 8 . 1 After the Oreo , were able to use the desired experience .

only through Google Play to download applications to any device or Android Oreo , the simulator on user flow can be carried out in such a test . App should run a smooth , aesthetically pleasing interface , and can smoothly adapt to various Android Oreo , behavior change . the need to pay special attention to the background of geography , notification channels , a network is changed , the security situation and the equipment ID .

With Android Studio speeds up development


We suggest you upgrade to Android Developer Studio 3 . 0 to mating Android 8 . 1 develop , we have recently launched Android Studio 3 . 0 stable . With the new application performance analysis tools , language support and Gradle build optimized , Android Studio 3 . 0 can be significantly simplified Android Oreo , development process , add a new function , such as Instant Apps , XML fonts , you can download the font and icon .

Based on the final edition of the platform , we have updated Android Studio within the SDK , build tools and API grade 27 simulator system images . advise developers to Google ‘ s Android Maven repository will support library update to version 27 . 0 . 2 . Details please refer to the version information and new functions .

As before , we will also give the Nexus website can download updated mirror factory and a mirror image file of the OTA , assist developers in Pixel and Nexus devices for final testing .

In an update released on Google Play .


If everything was ready , developers may be transmitted for the API level 27 of the APK update after uploading the alpha , beta or product channels , please ensure that the updated Android App in Oreo , and on the system running smoothly . encourage developers to start beta testing , according to a small portion of the user ‘ s feedback and diagnostic application issues before the publication of the report before it is officially released . Please go to the Android developer web site relating to the product release of the best examples and relevant information . Looking forward for your application updates .


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