4000 milliampere large battery lenovo Star quickly


Smartphone battery life has become the focus of common concern, which has given rise to a new web noun – battery anxiety, a lot of friend said as long as the warning of the battery is insufficient sound will “panic”, and occasionally worry about mobile phone no electricity – although this slightly exaggerated, but the side confirmed that everybody attention to the cell phone battery life.

Lenovo will launch several with super-long standby key selling point for product, thickness and large battery better together P780 one of the most classic long phone call lenovo, and listed so long still hot, subsequent lenovo launched a larger screen, process more advanced S860.Lenovo business long stay in the product line is about to add new members, has had a small amount of information.

Lenovo's Star

Lenovo mobile product officially closed platform god machine factory has sent the trial recruitment, a symbol of lenovo mysterious new Star debut, from the introduction, the Star will have 4000 milliampere large batteries, mainly for business people as well as to the standby time has required the user.Keep the same as the P780 / S860 capacity of the battery, is still considered products beautiful, under however exaggerated thickness/size to make a larger capacity battery products.

Lenovo's Star

Known to remove the battery capacity, and the other one has to make the network department, leaked the trial conditionsLenovo’s Star is a support mobile 4 g network4 g mobile phone, and thus presumably should be compatible with td-scdma and GSM network.In addition from P770 to P780 and now S860, are adopted to control power consumption for MTK chip, lenovo is expected to Star, is likely to choose performance, saving electricity MTK solution, in appearance, and other information are shrouded in secrecy, under the condition of concrete are adopted by StarMT6582MT6592Or the new chips are unknown.

According to past practice, after product trial publicly, too far from the public will not, see lenovo Star has new breakthrough in the field of long stay.

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