4 g versatile TCL flagship Hero 2 starting on sale


With metal fuselage + transparent light designIdol alpha./ S860, TCL, make persistent efforts to high-end market, brand newHero 2With 2999 yuan price shock made landfall in the domestic market, in 17 formally accept appointment, today (24) at 10 a.m. in Su Ningyi bought up, buyers will send original holster, user preferential booking one hundred yuan.

Price of 3 k TCL Hero 2 watch is numerous, have the characteristics of the flagship machine.The machine positioning for comprehensive function4 g mobile phone, outstanding image performance.Pick up the 2 GHZ main frequencyMT6592T Hero2 of eight core processor can support 5 mode frequency, compatible with the td-scdma LTE/FDD – LTE/td-scdma/WCDMA/GSM network, is for double 4 g mobile, unicom, unfortunately single SIM card design.This article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

Video on the machine USES the generation of the same size 6 inches full joint giant screen, resolution of FHD level, touch at the same time, the touch screen can support 6 screen accounted for more than 81.7%.Sound quality has also strengthened, Hero 2 built-in audio chips, tie-in nautilus side out sound speaker.Take photos as well, the machine USES the 13.1 million pixels stack type camera, SONY support optical image stabilization, built-in motor accelerate the focus speed closed loop type, 5 million pixels front-facing camera can achieve 86 – degree wide Angle.And accessories is the window of Hero 2, its standard handwritten pen, support handwriting, also provides the LED indicator light jacket, bluetooth mobile phones and accessories, such as ink screen prior to purchase.

In addition to the above these prominent selling point, the Hero also has 2 g RAM + 16 gROMMemory and 3100 milliampere batteries, running depth custom kitkat system, support for NFC, gyroscope, compass, etc., and built-in infrared sensor.

Obviously TCL determination to Hero 2 into their flagship product, gives the Hero 2 oversized screen, rich smart accessories and powerful network compatibility, is almost a aspects of both the “universal” cell phone.