3S / flat / MIUI V6? XIAOMI 23 new product will be published


XIAOMI mobile phone ring, the most controversial and most rich topic of brand, almost every week there will be all kinds of news exposure as it related, and this for just three years of “recruits” is more like something to a “coup”. In Rice noodles Festival has just passed it in less than 10 days, XIAOMI was first announced the opening of the version of XIAOMI MI3 sales, today also revealed will launch in 23 of the message, but also more than one, this not by reminiscent of the recent multiple exposure XIAOMI, XIAOMI plate and 3S MIUI V6.

3S/平板/MIUI V6?小米23日将发布新品第1张图

In addition to date, on the invitation of three parts caused the author’s concern: 1, “the reason, contrary to expectation” words should be a hint of the product itself, probably before the exposure before, but in the configuration or appearance etc to guess is not the same as before; 2, communication before the meeting. The three “new”, perhaps this is implied in the release of more than 1 products, is likely to be 3; 3, the following pictures should be profile will release the new look, look a bit like a tablet computer. But the XIAOMI router precedent, nor from a picture wangjiacaice size and its application.
Now more and more are also belong to the speculation, say XIAOMI 3S and MIUI should be reliable or V6, last year because of the Rice noodles Festival launched XIAOMI 2S and MIUI V5, earlier this year also has news XIAOMI in late April with a new release. Of course, result how, have to wait until the 23 day to know, let’s rub one’s eyes and wait.




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