360 mobile phone N6 / huawei glory V10/oneplus 5T

Good busy nearly a month, mobile phone industry.One plus upgrade for more than a 5 T, T, the price remains the same;Glory introduced a V10, walk in the forefront of artificial intelligence mobile phones;360 mobile phone N6 PRO, not much said, cost-effective, “the machine” hard goods.Next, a way to see.

360 mobile phone N6 PRO:

A sentence review: full screen, accounting for 84.5% of the screen;Qualcomm Xiao dragon 660 processor, performance is not bad;Built a 4050 mah battery, and support the 18 w quick charge, long life;The rear use 16 million + 2 million falsified dof double taken;The key is will start at 1699 yuan, a price butcher.

As the continuation of N series, besides USES 4 gb / 6 gb of memory, 360 mobile phone N6 Pro also carry the mainstream Xiao dragon 660 processor.Xiao dragon 660 using eight core Kryo 260 architecture, and the more advanced 14 nm process technology, the realization of power consumption and performance rising steadily, for many popular mobile phone this year won the market recognition.Life, 360 mobile phone N6 Pro built a 4050 mah battery, and support the 18 w quick charge, normal use one day is not a problem.

360 mobile phone resolution FHD + N6 Pro USES a 5.99 inch screen, the proportion and full screen, 85% of the NTSC color gamut coverage, and support a lower the brightness of the luminous screen mode.360 mobile phone N6 Pro in maintaining positive under the condition of the receiver, cameras and sensors, still maintained the than accounted for 84.5% of the screen.Black glass reinforced on the back of the phone’s oneness, under different light to present pure black or silver and black mirror effect, and low profile and do not break refined.

Glory V10:

Sentence review: the glory of the V10 point very much, cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence, kirin 970 processor, based on the Android 8.0 EMUI, tie-in colour work are the same metal fuselage that grabs an eye, collect the glory flagship elements to have in a year, pursue perfection but don’t forget the young.

Glory V10 carrying the kirin 970 processor, built-in 4 gb / 6 gb of RAM and 64 gb / 128 gb ROM, this configuration is the flagship.In the aspect of life, cooperate with Honor Supercharge fast filling technology, with the glory of the 3750 mah battery V10 charging time shortened significantly.

Glory V10 there is beach gold, black magic night, blue aurora and incarnate GongSi colors optional, each looks very fashion.Glory V10 carry 5.99 inches and full screen, achieve FHD + resolution.Glory V10 still have front-facing fingerprint identification module, this also is many consumers expect.

One plus 5 t:

Sentence review: this time the “T” brought one plus 5 T full screen, double wide Angle lens scheme, face unlock, fingerprints, and so on back, although the configuration and have no obvious change, but, after all, do not belong to the larger version update, a small improvement makes one plus 5 T a try for the best mobile phone.


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