2 k resolution OGS joint screen Haier G782 reservation


Haier group’s core business is household electrical appliances, but also a lot of digital products, notebook and desktop computers, mobile phones, tablet, etc is complete, the recently launched a has eight nuclear call tablet – ultra clear screenHaier G782, officially starting online booking.

Haier G782

Haier G782 currently only authorized in jingdong mall is starting to make an appointment, from now on to formally to make an appointment on September 29, formal snapping up time was 10 o ‘clock in the morning on September 29, the official price is 1299 yuan, the reservation price of $999.All buy user can obtain 188 yuan worth of the hero of the game package, 100 users but also can get 888 yuan before the game package, well bask in single top ten users can obtain haier smart a socket.

Haier G782

Products, haier G782 is also a go light, thin design route calls tablets, measurements of 198.6 * 134 * 8.15 mm, weighing about 320 g, advocate white + silver version, after silver shell for alloy material.

This tablet has adoptedMTK6592Eight core processor, the main frequency is 1.7 GHz, and any other tablet with platform calls, haier G782 have more advantages in the show, it adopted a 7.85 -inch OGS all joint screen, resolution up to 2048 * 1536, 327 PPI, and touch screen can support at 10 operating at the same time, show only the specifications is belong to the existence of higher in the 7.85 inch tablet.

Haier G782 adopted, for example, in addition to the outstanding screen size 2 gb memory, 16 g eMMC, support the extension, the first 2 million 5000000 megapixel camera, after running a custom kitkat system, can achieve the WCDMA/GSM network communication and HSPA +, EDGE/GPRS on the Internet, can support 2.4/5 g dual-band WIFI, battery capacity of 5150 ma.

Haier’s G782, introduced the pricing is very have the sincerity, the same price of 7.85 inch tablet most call screen specification is not high, other configuration nor shrink, as to how fluency, only experience can know.

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