1.8mm extreme narrow frame Eton quake eight core standby artifact ID exposure


Now the intelligent mobile phone performance is more and more strong, but the duration of seemingly did not progress, the majority of the domestic mobile phone using eight nuclear 2000-3000 Ma capacity battery, battery life can not be guaranteed, in order to solve this problem, Eton launched Eton Thor life artifact, built-in 5000 milliampere large capacity battery.
Today, the official Eton exposure million quake eight nuclear standby artifact of the ID diagram, and said that the machine has 1.8mm ultra narrow frame.


Eton Thor uses MTK6592 eight core processor, frequency of 1.7Ghz, the strong performance, memory operation has reached the mainstream 2GB, in addition to lead 5000000 post 13000000 dual high-definition camera is necessary, the screen is used 5.7 inch LTPS screen resolution attached, reach 1080P level, and with the Corelle 3 generation protection gorilla glass.
Worthy of praise is the machine with 5000 Ma high capacity polymer battery, long life time, according to many current 3000 Ma mobile phone Internet 5 hours performance, Eton the Internet at least can hold to 8 hours, daily use 2 days is not the problem.
From the exposure of the ID view, Eton Thor did not use the screen virtual key mainstream, but the use of 3 traditional touch keys, regrettable.




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