Focus on female flower only recent outbreak of sign of the mobile phone market, first with tudou inverse guest to create new brand mobile phone, their products are not stopped, only recently, has introduced a miss understand C9, iSuper S3, and adopted a suspectedMT6732The double card platform product T20 also listing of 4 g.

But these are not only recently all of the new product, a model for the flowers only recently L1 (also known as city of) the new surface.

Two flowers only L1 rendering reveals the part of the machine design, L1 at least there will be two kinds of color, including pink, white, USES the unibody design, in the box for metal material.The most notable is the machine will be the most thin flower only its product, L1 the whole thickness of only 5.9 mm!From rendering as you can see, so the thickness of the thin, the machine's main camera was not too exaggerated.

The machine is worth to pay close attention to another place samsung AMOLED screen is going to use and USES the samsung screen in flower only in the product, another source said the machine screen size is 5.5 inches, is true or not remains to be verified (samsung 5.5 -inch SuperAMOLED panel is very rare in domestic).Moreover one only the latest products are starting to support LTE networks, and are basically MTK solution, so the L1 is likely to continue to work withmediatekCooperation, the latest MT6732 orMT6752On the market.This article from MTK phone

Given the flower only recently ready to release the inverse guest mobile phone (V1) only flowers and new products such as T20 L1 fastest may have to wait until after November formal appearance.

5.9 mm one metal fuselage + AMOLED screen only L1-86DIGI
5.9 mm one metal fuselage + AMOLED screen only L1-86DIGI