mediatekRecently released the whole solutionMT6735/ MT6735M MT6735 is basically taken togetherMT6732Level, strong in the telecom CDMA 1 x and EVDO network support, plus support HSPA + and LTE/TD CAT4, becoming mediatek's first support full mold smartphone solutions around the world, is qualified to be mediatek landmark products.

In addition to the low-end market oriented MT6735 / M, by @ MTK emitted by mobile phone chip's products, according to the circuit diagram mediatek will also launch a stronger performance of eight nuclear + mobile phone chips, all the code MT6753 SOC.

The serial number of the MTK MT6753 have leaked - the chip can be thought of asMT6752All the template of this, MT6753 8-core, same architecture (A53 architecture, but the main frequency is lower than MT6752, the main frequency of 1.3 to 1.3 GHz, can support 1080 p display, 1080 p video codec and 16000000 megapixel camera, the GPU is still the ARM is expected to Mali - T760 series.

MTK6753 MODEM, integrated the whole mould LTE 4 g + 3 g all netcom, part can support 4 g FDD - LTE/TDD LTE, WCDMA/td-scdma/GSM down, little of course not start cooking CDMA2000 1 x and EVDO network, so as to realize the global network for all mold compatibility, used a machine to walk the world is no longer a qualcomm platform product patents.

From 3 g to 4 g, from 32 bits to 64 bits, mediatek's strategy is already very clear, launch the mould more represents the research and development strength of mediatek chips, and 4 g + die + 64 is likely to become a standard machine one thousand yuan next year.By mediatek recent product layout, next year will be fully open, from high-end to low-end and qualcomm and back system more advanced 20 nm, 16 nm products.

Entire network system + eight nuclear!64 MT6753-86DIGI