Mr Luo "hammer T1" mobile always stand in the forefront, since the end of the conference on June 20, about hammer T1 mobile phone has not ceased, but I want to say today is not the topic, but the hammer mobile Smartisan OS updates again, we have seen is from the system named Smartisan OS V1.1.0, and careful friends found traces of update in the system update, reason is that the version number of the specific data is shown in "1.0.0-2014102521 - user - sfo", that is to say the system is updated on October 25.

Repair security bugs hammer Smartisan OS updates-86DIGI

Smartisan OS update

But this update is not like before the big adjustments, this upgrade is only repair security hidden danger, to use a hammer T1 so mobile phone users is not so excited, upgrade or not is not before the system is updated as positive.But in addition to the system update, in addition a message even more exciting.

Repair security bugs hammer Smartisan OS updates-86DIGI

Website price changes

At present in the hammer technology home page you will be surprised to find "hammer T1" mobile phone prices change, 3 g 16 g sells for 1980 yuan, 3 g version of the 32 gb sells for 2080 yuan, 4 g version of the 32 gb sells for 2480 yuan, the time for October 30 cats mall sale 10 o 'clock in the morning in the day.And if the user is on October 18 00:00 cat in days or hammer T1 mobile website to buy, then the cash refund the purchase price and adjusted the price difference of zero before purchase and 18, the user can get the hammer after T2 listed 800 yuan of preferential policy, of course, if you don't like the T2, still can change into 500 yuan worth of hammer technology website mall cash coupons.