IndiaThe economic times reported on October 27th,ChinaMobile device manufacturers millet response to the Indian air force's charges against the earlier emphasis on the mobile phone won't be in the case of without the consent of the user to steal user information.Millet also said the talks with Indian authorities over the matter.

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The Indian air force (IAF) in a report on October accused of millet, red rice 1 s user information transmission to the Chinese servers, "security".The Indian air force also sounded a moderate alert to its soldiers and soldiers' families, prohibited to use its military members and their families, millet mobile phone.

Millet company global vice President Hugo (Mr Barak Barra) said in addition to Indian media reported on the matter, millet has not yet received notification from the Indian air force or any other official agencies.Millet, he said, would look into the matter and with the Indian authorities for dialogue.

Famous information security solutions company f-secure said in a report, millet, red rice 1 s mobile phone users will be international mobile telephone equipment identification number, phone number and address book server information back to Beijing.According to the report of f-secure and Indian computer emergency response team (CERT) In data provided, the Indian air force has warned its soldiers and soldiers' families.

Hugo said barak millet and other communications service providers will only in the case of the user permission to provide cloud services and other communications services.In addition, the millet also had the highest information encryption standard to ensure the safety of the user information.

Barak said, millet company earlier this year had to proceed to the international users other than the mainland users information transferred to the itsThe United StatesandSingaporeThe data center, is expected to be completed at the end of October this year.Data migration is completed, including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, China, India,IndonesiaMalaysiaThe PhilippinesAnd Singapore international users will benefit from it.

3 in July, millet mobile phone through the famous Indian electricity it issued in India market, sells for 13999 rupees (about 1450 yuan).After the red rice millet launch 1 s.It is reported, millet company has sales in India about 500000 cell phone and about 120000 sets of red rice millet 3.