Accompanied by October 28huaweiGlory cheong play 4 x listed, populist brand of domestic one thousand yuan machinery market, also ushered in the new round of attention.

Glory, new listing, revealing the latest EMUI 3.0 “file”-86DIGI

The "entire network wanted agents" 4 as the glory of the early stage of the packaging product, has the "irresistible attraction" : "small sheep" of the back surface texture design won the attention of many mobile phone enthusiasts, as well as the "affinity" he can't refuse: all netcom, sold 1299 yuan;telecomEdition, RMB 999.And most of those, or "reach high IQ" : glory chang carried a huawei's latest EMUI play 4 x 3.0, which also makes the IFA show in Berlin the limelight and honor to meet with the number of pollen.So "sprung pious covered face" EMUI 3.0 exactly what characteristics?Might as well as the author to reveal the huawei EMUI of history's most diligently.

Glory, new listing, revealing the latest EMUI 3.0 “file”-86DIGI

  2014Gold award winner magazine lock screen

In 2014 gold point design awards, EMUI3.0 phone lock screen function with its exquisite pictures and almost perfect user experience, won the highest honor symbol of Chinese design gold point design label.It is well known that light up the screen to unlock the moment after it is the beginning of the mobile life.EMUI3.0 magazine lock screen functions, is through the designer's original conceptions, this easy to ignore the "start" gives flowery colour, each user can add their favorite photos, pictures to the lock screen in the loop.

Glory, new listing, revealing the latest EMUI 3.0 “file”-86DIGI


Flat trend is more obvious Elegant picture

With the arrival of the international UI interface flattening trend in recent years, the huawei launched new EMUI 3.0 in design is also conform to the trend of The Times to made a more detailed interface flattening treatment, while less button brings the style is more concise and relaxed, more elegant picture.ICONS also adopted a new subversive design, also for UI definition, looks like the atmosphere is special, can obviously feel EMUI 3.0 visual designers are using art high standards for products.

More human operation The family care

Like huawei EMUI has long stressed the "beginner's mind" never forget, although created more elements on the design and interface, but they always from the perspective of humanization, consideration for each user's experience.After carefully studied consumers for mobile phone UI after the inner demands of huawei EMUI 3.0 introduced the original meaning of the family care applications.Users can through the screen sharing, remote assistance, voice and remote graffiti and so on four big way to help the other side of the phone, help each other in the diagnosis of mobile phones, and solve the questions in the process of use.For older people to adapt to new things slow especially practical, once the problems appeared in the process of use can be called up the family care to remote assistance to solve.It needs less than 5 MB size won't take up too much memory, whereas a concern degree is far than our competitors' products can't match.

High-end basis Intelligent q&a

Early years Steve siri to lead the trend of our generation, with human voice stunt.But now the era of intelligent voice input has been eliminated, instead it is more close interactive voice of artificial intelligence.And one of the features of the huawei EMUI 3.0 is intelligence q&a, robot with the question of the service in the form of an answer, for the user to quickly solve the problem of mobile phone use at the same time also laid the foundation of high-end, no longer drab let users can only voice input.Small details is also increasingly perfect, according to the model matching problem the answer for the user, for example, automatically jump to pollen BBS, knowledge base and so on, all reflect the intention of huawei, more time-saving and efficient can solve the problem of the user.

To be more of entertainment Music follow one's inclinations

Will be close to the end, the EMUI 3.0 in some entertainment applications, the user can clearly is considered and detailed consumer insight, more clever in entertainment design.More representative is unique "all music" cutting application, can choose according to the lyrics, or from a menu of music follow the cutting into the interface, good song laid down set as ringtones, alarm clock, do the perfect human-computer interaction;In addition, EMUI 3.0 provide brand new font shops, will provide up to 100 sets of the characteristics of the font, and online font will be combined with the practical work and popular trend to update, let users enjoy the most tide as the individuality experience.

In addition to the above several large, huawei EMUI 3.0 is also developed a lazy man, safe life yellow pages, the more applications such as official application market.May be picky critics argue that the huawei EMUI 3.0 just for some details to make the changes, but in fact only used to realize the real huawei is in the heart of each detail place.And, of course, the huawei released EMUI 3.0 also let us see the domestic independent brandsNew hope, looking forward to the future, consumers increasingly rational, embrace the trend of foreign mobile phone thigh has gradually faded, and a established domestic handset manufacturers such as huawei is also in the development of the best opportunity.