4000 mah million tong P5 + LTE upgrade to double card double stay

After entering the 4 g era, lock the long stay the market, quickly launched a can support LTE super-long standbyMillion tong P5, this machine owns 4000 milliampere large batteries, and the thickness is only 9.9 mm, ensure the thin body of both the range at the same time, represent million tong recent products.

Million tong P5

Million tong P5 each specification is more balanced, but there is a place not satisfied, this machine has dual SIM card slot, but can only support a number of online, if you need to change another signal, need to switch to open again to achieve, that is single stay only supports dual SIM card.Million through mobile phone at present to solve the problem, introduced a double card double stay updated version, can also support mobile 4 g, 3 g and GSM network dual sim standby, double card users’ convenience.

Million tong P5

Upgrade to double card double stay, in addition to the new version of the design, specification and single to version, useMT6582+MT6290Dual chip solution, with 5 inch screen 720 p, 1 g + 8 gb of memory and 5 million + 13 million pixel cameras configuration, system for custom Android 4.4, support OTG function, etc.P5 life is the biggest bright spot, with 4000 milliampere large battery at the same time, it also joined the FEC flash charging technology, implement security, fast charge, and carry the power saving scheme.

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