AMOI latest products aimed at the super-long standby market, offering out of the "safe life" concept, the"Amoi M1New products have amazing super capacity battery, plus a "safe" 2 words, enough to let love long stay product user expectations.

Amoi M1 internal number 1257, 9 month has got the network access license, has cleared the last obstacle for the listed, plus the machine recently frequent at enough to show at the exhibition, amoi listing of M1.

Price one thousand yuan?5200 ma amoi M1 recently-86DIGI

Recently, people familiar with the provided information, amoi M1 indeed recent ipo, and the price will still go populist route, mainstream users, reported that amoi M1 pricing will be in one thousand yuan of less than, the specific price did not disclose.Amoi past product pricing strategy and M1 itself, this product is likely to be is 999 yuan, the price also is amoi to stay.

From the point of basic configuration, amoi M1 than a big V2X products such as force, and even some aspects is not as good as 599 yuan big V youth version.The machine USES the five inches IPS screen, level of resolution of HD 1280 * 720, built-in 1 g of RAM and 8 g ROMMemory and 2 million / 13 million dual cameras and custom Android 4.4 system, support WCDMA + GSM double card double stay, Hotknot heat transfer technology, equipped with a separate "think tank", functions can be customized.

But the core of the M1 weapon is life, this machine owns 5200 milliampere large batteries, with low power consumptionMT6582Quad-core processors, provides a foundation for the super-long standby, at the same time, the machine have the ability to reverse charging and fast charging and 5200 ma not 4 hours can be full of, according to official statistics, amoi M1 can achieve 230 hours of super-long standby!Amoi M1 also can be in security aspects, not only to stay long, will also bring security to the user experience.