MOTOROLA Droid Turbo exposure rate is high.In the machine version of double color rendering and official configuration chart after leaks, foreign media Androidspin again brought a MOTOROLA Droid Turbo real machine pictures, and once again confirmed that the machine is equipped with 2 k touch screen and 3 gb of memory, and own kay fulla material back cover, and other functions and features, combined with previous exposure 21000000 megapixel camera and Xiao dragon 805 processor tough configuration, is the strongest in current android flagship model.

MOTOROLA Droid Turbo   Screen 2 k + 3 gb-86DIGI

Real machine again

MOTOROLA Droid Turbo despite previous exposure for many times, but we are seeing more is the official rendering, and the foreign media Androidspin is relatively clear real machine of photos, and displayed on the back of the machine adopts kay fulla material, and the camera part is concave type design, and in the frame part used for metal, to be able to put an end to camera was scratch the troubles.In addition, the aircraft fuselage side has a beautiful arc, can bring about a better sense of a handshake.

MOTOROLA Droid Turbo   Screen 2 k + 3 gb-86DIGI

MOTOROLA Droid Turbo the also the continuation of the front two speakers in the recent new product family design, and below the touch screen is equipped with three capacitive buttons, instead of using the current popular virtual key control mode, and put 2 million pixels front lens in the central part of the touch screen above, and take artifact HTC Desire models such as Eye, seems to have strengthened the autodyne Angle optimization.

MOTOROLA Droid Turbo   Screen 2 k + 3 gb-86DIGI

Equipped with 3 gb of memory

Exposure of the real machine, meanwhile, also confirmed the MOTOROLA Droid Turbo parts of hardware configuration, such as the machine is equipped with 2 k resolution (1440 x 2560 pixels) display, as for the size previously leaked information is 5.2 inches, will have 565 ppi pixel density.Equipped with 3 gb of memory and storage capacity of 32 gb, carrying Android4.4.4 system, support the motion function, users only need to hand in it at the top of the wave can shut the alarm clock or mute calls.

It is worth mentioning that although this machine is for the Verizon launch custom models, but according to the exposure of information display system, the machine of the load is qualcomm MDM9625 baseband chip, support CDMA2000 (1 x, DO)/GSM/EDGE/UMTS (WCDMA, td-scdma) and LTE FDD and LTE TDD (LTE) network, is a real 2 g / 3 g / 4 g networks winner-take-all netcom all mobile phones.

MOTOROLA Droid Turbo   Screen 2 k + 3 gb-86DIGI

3900 mah battery

And according to the previous exposure, according to official specifications MOTOROLA Droid Turbo is a built-in 2.7 GHz Xiao dragon 805 processor, and camera specification is reached new heights of MOTOROLA's mobile phone, load the main camera has 21 million pixels, equipped with double color temperature LED lights and support 4 k resolution video recording.MOTOROLA is also for this machine USES the gorilla three generations of protective glass, and joined the metallized fiber glass (MGF) for double protection, and on the back of the fuselage USES the kay fulla material, have waterproof function, even in the pouring rain pour on 20 minutes without any problems.

MOTOROLA Droid Turbo also continued the Droid MAXX performance in the life aspects, equipped with a large capacity of 3900 mah battery, can obtain the use time of 48 hours.And provides wireless charging and Turbo Charger fast charging function, can be in 15 minutes to mobile phone store enough use eight hours of electricity.The MOTOROLA Droid phone models for XT1254 Turbo, by the United States will be held on October 28, Verizon officially launched, and will provide the black and red two versions to choose from.