Apple CEO Mr. Cook’s visit to China again Reassure the Chinese security or into focus

On October 22, opened up his Tim cookappleSince the CEO’s fifth trip to China.Chinese vice premier makaay 22 met in ziguangge, zhongnanhai with apple CEO Tim cook.It is reported that Mr Ma and cook both sides will strengthen cooperation in the field of information communication, exchanged views on the protection of user information security, etc.

The CCTV and other media have repeatedly reported, saidiPhone“Back door”, threat to privacy.At the same time, this year the iPhone 6 failed to ipo also out in the security problem in China.6 after the release of the iPhone, with “access license” problemMinistry of industryAnnouncement in detail elaborated the apple iOS security issues, said the risk of leak privacy has been the possibility of malicious use, and specially interviewed the apple.Apple also specially made an official response, to clarify at the same time to ensure that will never be “through the back door”.Speculation, cook the visit or security problem into key communication content.

Apple CEO Tim cook arrived in zhengzhou, 22 afternoon visited in zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimental zone of foxconn campus bid iPhone6 production.This is the second time after cook as apple CEO visit zheng.For the first time to visit zheng, is before the apple released 5 c;This time, but after apple released 6.

It is understood that the cook’s trip will also arrange: workshop on the tsinghua university, pep rally, met with in the wangfujing apple retail storeOperator,And the government departments and other activities

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