The world’s most cheap eight nuclear WICO according to come out! Only $89

WICO mobile power is the main overseas market, before that has brought the S3 / C1 model, these products not only give attention to both performance and can be found on the design bright spot.Recently received a message, people familiar with the offer, WICO is set out to do a big thing, will build a “world’s most cheap eight nuclear cell phones”!


WICO it will launch this product internal model for according to code for Raytheon (very smart name have wood have?), a suspected WICO renderings according to show that “thor” adopted for straight founder’s appearance design, with slightly curved, the top priority is the content of the mark in the diagram, the machine will use the stainless steel box, at the same time the thickness of thin, only 6.5 mm!And the other a WICO according to photos are heralding the batteries, the machine could be particularly elongated motherboard design, under the so thin thickness, battery capacity has reached 2800 ma?


Now that claims to be the cheapest eight nuclear smartphones, apparently WICO according to will carry eight core processor, it is understood that according to carrying eight nuclear MTK solution, it could beMT6592, in addition to the processor of the specifications of the bad, will according to equipment 5 inches OGS full screen (JDI) joint, built-in 1 g RAM + 8 g ROMMemory, customized kitkat system, which can support the gesture recognition, bluetooth, WIFI, GPS and other commonly used function is complete.

Amoi have a domestic radicals pull 8-core machines price to the level of 600 yuan, but things are two-sided, have high configuration at the same time, at a lower price for other aspects unavoidably have defects.WICO according to the current public information display, the phone is not only about 545 yuan of ultra-low prices and eight nuclear configuration, design also is worth looking forward to, a relatively balanced in all aspects, but will still need to wait for the official is listed in the domestic.

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