Tudou and only cooperation inverse guest phone has access

Abstract:Video site tudou in August have released many smart hardware equipment, respectively in collaboration with sida, flower only released intelligent Tatoo1 nearly threw equipment and main av inverse guest mobile phone taking pictures.But a mobile phone brand conference, inverse guest mobile phone has been no movement, but they have appeared in recent days work information website finally one new product, this kind of mobile phone models for V1, flowers and has passed the certification of the net, it is worth noting that V1 carrying the maverick to flip the camera, and brand conference before release the official video exposure of inverse guest mobile phone design, the same basic inverse guest phone is confirmed.

Inverse camera phones main video, but the net data display camera of 1300 pixels, and did not pursue more pixels, camera module may be top

Through the net id as can be seen clearly inverse video phone camera design chic and normal state when the main camera almost flush with the fuselage thick 8.5 nn (V1), the main camera position is open, through the bearing, the machine’s main camera can undertake large turnover of about 180 degrees, this design is the most direct benefit is more conducive to handheld.So pull the design of the boom, the current domestic only inverse guest phone a.Adopt double color WenShuang flash design.But the parameters of the machine configuration is not strong, 1.5 GHz quad-core processors, the specific model is unknown, 2 g RAM, 16 grom, 5 inches HD screen, support the td-scdma LTE/td-scdma/GSM network.Positioning is more like a beautiful mobile phone, believe that the price is not cheap.






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