Google VS apple: the Nexus 6 rivalry iPhone Plus

Apple first launched cross-border equipment after the iPhone 6 Plus, search giant Google has unveiled their new Nexus in a similar way the product line, namely, MOTOROLA Nexus 6 conference recently.Two companies will crossover equipment as their main product, what does it mean?According to the latest market statistics show that cross-border equipment at present in the worldA smart phoneMarket share of 25%, still have a large space, can anticipate ever cross-border shipments in the fourth quarter of this year will be the highest in a quarter.


Although apple provides two options for the customer the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus, but Google even launched the Nexus 6, but also continue to sell Nexus 5 less than 5 inch screen.Last year the Nexus carrying Snapdragon 800chip, given the limited qualcomm chip increase this year, the performance on the Nexus 5 is still not too much worse than 2 k screen Nexus 6.

If apple official figures show that’s right, than the Nexus 6 weeks iPhone sales in advance Plus has been a great success, may be in the tens of millions of copies occupied several million, so this year, Google Nexus 6 is expected to become one of the most popular crossover equipment?Couldn’t give an answer now, but no matter how to still have a lot of users expect the Nexus smartphones this year, also has a lot of users are entangled with whether to choose the Nexus 6 or iPhone Plus, for we come to this part of the users for the two machines on paper simple comparison, and see the difference in every aspect.

The Nexus 6 greater than iPhone Plus, but not much

With ultra narrow screen frame design increasingly popular, now the biggest screen devices no longer means that the overall size is the largest, but this does not apply here.Equipped with 6 inches largerdisplayLarge, the Nexus of 6 than the iPhone Plus size is bigger, but not too much.The Nexus 6 AMOLEDScreen resolution for the QHD (1440 x 2560 pixels), the iPhone 6 Plus smaller 5.5 -inch Retina HD IPS screen resolution for a relatively low level of Full HD 1080 p.

At the same time, the iPhone 6 screen is covered with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating to prevent fracture arc Glass, the Nexus 6 is from corning Gorilla Glass 3.Two new crossover devices, the iPhone 6 Plus is thinner and only 7.1 mm, and the Nexus 6 reached 10.1 mm.The size of the front, the Nexus of 159.3 x 83 mm, the iPhone 6 Plus 158.1 x 77.8 mm, can be seen through contrasting the Nexus 6 is not too much, but the wider fuselage one-handed grip is bigger.

Hardware, is the strongest in the heart of every machine company

Then look at the two cross-border equipment hardware specifications.MOTOROLA Nexus 6 equipped with currently on the market the most powerful Snapdragon 805 quad-core processors, the default frequency of 2.7 GHz, integrated Adreno GPU and 4203GB RAM.While the iPhone 6 Plus carrying is desktop level 64 ARMv8 1.4 GHz dual Cyclone nuclear new processor architecture, integrated PowerVR GX6450 GPU and 1 gb of RAM.

Storage apple iPhone 6 Plus provides three capacity (128 GB / 16/64), MOTOROLA Nexus 6 there are only two 32/64 (GB), both device does not provide microSD card slot to store expansion.At the back, the Nexus 6 has a native OIS optical image stabilization of 13 million pixelscameraTo support 4 k video recording, 6 is equipped with the new iPhoneThe sensor8000000 megapixel camera, only support 1080 p video recording.How the quality remains to be seen.

In any of a network connection, both machines are supportedLTENetwork, but the Nexus of LTE is equipped with more advanced the six modules (300 MBPS download/upload 50 MBPS), while the iPhone 6 Plus or LTE Cat. 4 (150 MBPS download/upload 50 MBPS).

In addition, the Nexus 6 is equipped with sealed, 3220 mah battery, provide 24 hours, 330 hours of standby time and the use of time, the iPhone 6 Plus is slightly lower 2915 mah battery, provide 384 hours of standby time, also has the use time of 24 hours.The rest also is worth mentioning that MOTOROLA Nexus 6 waterproof, support the iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with a unique Touch ID and Apple Pay function.

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