For 999 yuan a glory 4X

RongYaoQuan netcom phone fired, but ultimately failed to debut in October 13 release some disappointing.Recently, however, the official glory on weibo again launched an netcom prior to the release of new propaganda preheating, and release the poster is highlighted the number “4” and the letter “X” are two themes to elements.So it seems to the outside world, it is likely the rumored 4 x full glory netcom, mobile, is expected to debut at the end of the month.

For 999 yuan a 4 x full glory netcom, new exposure

4 x or honor

Official the glory on weibo released a total of four posters, without exception will be the number “4” and the letter “X” as the main content of the prominent, so according to the widely speculated that this mysterious xinji should glory is rumoured 4 X netcom, mobile phone.At the same time the four posters also specially marked loud slogans, respectively “ubiquitous penetration” and “irresistible attraction”, “can’t refuse the affinity” and “reach high IQ”, suggesting that the glory of 4 g netcom phone will have four characteristics.

For 999 yuan a 4 x full glory netcom, new exposure
Bring aboutGlory 4 x poster

For 999 yuan a 4 x full glory netcom, new exposure
Bring aboutGlory 4 x

For 999 yuan a 4 x full glory netcom, new exposure
Bring aboutGlory 4 x

Although the specific content of the four characteristics that official yet, but according to the coverage of the argues that the official poster promoting “ubiquitous penetration”, is likely to mean that the machine aimed at all kinds of network, is a support 4 g / 3 g / 2 g network netcom, mobile, no matter where are not broken network users.And “irresistible attraction”, it seems to say the machine has a good appearance, texture and back are suede, support double card double stay camera function and has a strong function;Posters and propaganda “can’t refuse the affinity”, it should be suggested that is the price of this aircraft is more ground, as for the “reach high IQ”, referring to should be equipped with powerful processors.

For 999 yuan a 4 x full glory netcom, new exposure For 999 yuan a 4 x full glory netcom, new exposure

A 5.5 -inch touchscreen

As for the whole netcom glory 4 x’s true identity, the popular belief is the glory of the past exposure Che1 – CL20, main characteristic is to support the 6 mode of network, can in the td-scdma LTE/LTE FDD/td-scdma/WCDMA/CDMA (1 x, EVDO)/GSM network to use.At the same time according to the ministry of equipment certification center, according to the information published this machine is equipped with a 5.5 -inch 720 p resolution touch screen, and provide the 2 gb of memory and 8 gb of storage capacity, support memory card extension.Loading front-facing camera has 5 million pixels and 13 million pixels main camera, equipped with LED flash and support 1080 p video recording, and other functions.

Glory Che1 – CL20 also carries Android4.4.3 customization system and depth of Emotion UI interface, mobile phone size 152.9 * 77.2 * 77.2 (mm), weighs 160 grams, and provides two kinds of color black and white version.As for the 1.2 GHz with quad-core processors, although it is unclear whether specific models, but from the 1.2 GHz and support all netcom characteristic, should be qualcomm is expected to 64 – bit architecture Xiao dragon 410 quad-core processors.

Or RMB 999

Some, unfortunately, it is unclear when released the full glory netcom 4 x cell phone will, but according to the previously leaked news that the price of the machine in the future is only 999 yuan, the follow-up and full glory netcom launched 4 x Pro version, touch screen resolution to upgrade to 1080 p specifications, the mobile phone price is 1499 yuan, will replace glory glory 3 x chang play version and 3 x Pro, with red rice Note 2 and low side version 4 models such as millet.

In addition, suspected glory glory version 4 x telecom Che1 – CL10 has got the network access license, and the price may be only 899 yuan.

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