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Yesterday, a domestic mobile workers, in apple stores in more than 20 cities including Shanghai exalted "straight men never turn"

Yesterday, the iPhone 6 formal sale in mainland China, many cities stores by a domestic mobile phone brand staff raising questions at the door.

Yesterday morning at 9 a.m., north to guangzhou, more than 20 cities in China such as apple store, at the same time holding the "straight men do not bend" brand of a domestic handset's staff.An apple store in shenzhen before, even someone break curved iPhone 6 at the scene.

The domestic mobile phone brand then the official weibo post said, this activity is not hit game, just shows that his position, to prove to consumers, the iPhone 6 is really easy to break.

Some netizens found, however, the brand claims made of high strength material new phones will go on sale recently, "it is definitely marketing hype.

Man break curved iPhone 6 on the spot

At 2 PM yesterday, apple's flagship store is located in nanjing dong lu, security guards a times more than usual, around the table "fruit" is almost full."Begins at 8 o 'clock this morning, consumers have to line up for your appointment phone, to now also didn't end."An apple shop assistant said, to prevent congestion, divided into experience area and now the store have brought two pieces of cargo area.Collect goods area set up multiple mobile fence, line of people never reduce, to make an appointment to enter.

But a brisk business in apple store at the same time, domestic handset also "not to be outdone.

Yesterday morning, some netizens said tweeting, including 3 and so on more than 20 cities in China, a group of young men dressed in a yellow coat appeared in front of the apple store, hit "straight men do not bend" placards, to reference the new iPhone is easy to break the defect of bending.While video online, according to an apple store in shenzhen, there is even a man who will be an iPhone 6 unarmed break off.

Around 2 o 'clock yesterday afternoon, morning paper reporter to nanjing dong lu apple flagship store, the domestic mobile phone sign "hit" staff is gone.Nanjing sightseeing train drivers, however, master li, said around 9 a.m. in the morning, there are a few young men in here for a brand.

Master li recalls: "they are 5 man and one woman, wearing a yellow blouse, when I saw them, they have been raising photo sitting on a bench to rest the end of the brand in hand."

At noon yesterday, the domestic mobile phone's official weibo said that this activity is not hit game, only shows that his position, to prove to consumers that the iPhone 6 is really easy to break.Weibo stressed at the same time, better use of the material, to produce a better use of mobile phones, "break not bending of mobile phones is good!"

Some netizens found, however, the brand claims made from high strength material, "grow up strong, never bend" new phones will go on sale recently, "it is definitely marketing hype.

The scene "cattle" accept not to sell

The iPhone 6 on sale on the first day, outside a shop "cattle" has never ceased.Yesterday, in the nanjing dong lu flagship store of two young men sitting outside, one inside the backpack is just to buy new, another man with a marked "high-priced acquisition of the iPhone 6" brand.

Morning paper reporter learned that, 16 g iPhone 6 purchase price is 5388 yuan, 100 yuan higher than the original price.While the iPhone 6 64 g with 6488 yuan price.Meanwhile, there are many consumer just line up for the iPhone 6 sold to them.

Sign "cattle" attracted many onlookers.Some of them want to buying the iPhone 6 "cattle" fans ".However, these two "cattle" does not intend to sell new immediately.One of the "cow", said now supplies, they only responsible for buying today just bought new, keep the machine up, temporarily not to sell.