RongYaoQuan netcom phone finally arrived

A code gloryChe1 – CL20 4 g product long before they were each big media exposure, can access permission, means that this new product is not far from officially listed also, gloryChe1 – CL20 are suffering from attention, the core of the reason is that it is currently a popular focus of attention– have the netcom ability.

Official again recently released new posters, relevant publicity may mean, honor the first winner-take-all 4 g / 3 g / 2 g network netcom all really want to come to the phone.

The glory of 4 g netcom, a mobile phone

Glory mobile phone recently pushed two mysterious posters, the core content of the entire network wanted agents “4, supplemented by” ubiquitous penetration “and the” irresistible attraction “description, the indications are that the glory of 4 g netcom, mobile phone will launch soon.

The glory has listed conditions whole netcom products only”Che1-CL20“, the product is glory first 6 on a single die model (including the td-scdma LTE/LTE FDD/td-scdma/WCDMA/CDMA (1 x, EVDO)/GSM), is a brand was set up after the first full glory netcom, mobile phone, but the existing data is unable to confirm whether the machine has double card double stay ability, huawei theoretically do not lack a piece of technical strength.

In addition to the netcom sell this prominent, the glory of 4 g netcom, mobile phone has a good basic configuration, using 1.2 GHz main frequency quad-core processors, and 2 g RAM and 5 million + 13000000 megapixel camera, equipped with a 5.5 -inch 720 p resolution screens, Android 4.4 system.Moreover design is also very fashion, especially the modelling of the main camera is eye-catching.

The glory of 4 g netcom, a mobile phone

Glory brand can be said to be on recently, not only released the brands play chang, including TV, bracelets, mobile phone and other new products in order to battle, if coupled with early products, has formed a lot of glory, products covered every price range, the blockbuster make whole netcom products, brand will no doubt be honor of heat added a pair of wood.

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