Google announced through the blog Android5.0 version name identified as "Lollipop" (Lollipop), and determine respectively with Motorola 5.96 inch QHD screen mobile phone Nexus6 cooperation, and to cooperate with HTC 8.9 -inch tablet Nexus9.In addition, Google also to be a partner with asus AndroidTV based design NexusPlayer box device on board.

The Android 5.0 named “lollipop” new Nexus-86DIGI

The Android 5.0 named "lollipop" new Nexus

As in previous rumours, Android5.0 (namely AndroidL) version name identified as "Lollipop" (Lollipop), and during the continuation of this year's Google I/O2014 released new MaterialDesign complanation design, and more than 5000 kinds of API to update the content, moreover also join a large number of cross-platform application service, muscle enables users to further collocation used Chrome or jump on device.

Android5.0 first published will correspond to the synchronous Nexus6, Nexus9 and NexusPlayer, will also be open within the next few weeks Nexus5, Nexus7 (2013 edition), Nexus10, as well as various GooglePlayedition design model (including HTCOne (M8), GalaxyS5, etc.) to upgrade installation, as for the SDK development tool set will be 17 in October for developers to use in the future.

The Android 5.0 named “lollipop” new Nexus-86DIGI

The Android 5.0 named "lollipop" new Nexus

Simplify the procedures for more equipment upgrade, support more processor architecture

But Google previously demonstrated, Android5.0 will further simplify application architecture, and reduce the requirement of the system hardware, let more intelligent mobile phone can be updated, thereby reducing the Android update fragmentation phenomenon.

Released at the same time, as the new Nexus series models respectively with Qualcomm, Nvidia and Intel's different processor architecture design, also shows the new Android will further compatible with different hardware architecture design platform, even native support 64 bit computing architecture itself.

The following is the new released along with Android5.0 Nexus, new:

Bernard Nexus6 Google's first published Phablet model

, determined by the HTC foundry Nexus9 will have the opportunity to stagesales

Bernard AndroidTV NexusPlayer derivative model asus