Lenovo announced late today to set up a new subsidiary, model based on the Internet to launch smartphones and other terminal products.The new company will be officially began operations on April 1, 2015, at the appointed time will have a separate company name and brand new.Lenovo group in China of President Chen, will become the new CEO, and Chinese business will by TongFuYao took charge.

The development of mobile Internet business

Lenovo announced late today to set up a new subsidiary, to develop Internet phone terminal business.Company, lenovo's move and millet mobile phone manufacturers such as huawei, zte Nubia, IUNI glory strategy is consistent, hope with the help of Internet marketing, Internet direct sales model to establish a new mobile phone brand, and compete with these new manufacturers.

Lenovo group, said the new company will be officially began operations on April 1, 2015, at the appointed time will have a separate company name and new brands.At the appointed time, the lenovo group, senior vice President, China's regional and emerging markets in Asia Pacific division President Chen, will become the new CEO;Lenovo mobile business group President who and lenovo cloud services group President He Zhijiang co-chairman, will become the new company.

At present, lenovo group is the world's third largest smartphone business, mainly in the open market and operators.Due to a lot of new mobile phone brands won many users through the Internet marketing and sales, lenovo group in also recently introduced some kinds of mobile phone products, specifically through online sales.

The establishment of the new company no doubt that lenovo group intends to strengthen the proportion of online business.Previously, lenovo group CEO, said lenovo group have a lot of places to learn from millet company, such as the way of marketing, software development way of upgrade, but he also pointed out that someone has to do for the Internet age, someone to do the production.

Yang yuanqing said in a statement, "mobile Internet, e-commerce, and interactive marketing is growing rapidly, and greatly changed the traditional business model. We must quickly shift, firmly seize new opportunities. We want users to participate in the design of the product, the full use of social media, use their familiar with the language and the way of communication with them, we have to use the Internet thinking encourage users to participate in, in a new way to promote our products."

In a series of through the adoption of Internet marketing and sales, and to interact with users of mobile phone manufacturer, millet is one of the most successful company.Millet co-founder Li Wanjiang revealed today, millet mobile phone in the second quarter shipments of around 16 million units, including online channel shipped 11.19 million, accounts for about 70%, online sales of more than 10 billion yuan.

Many brand development

15.8 million mobile phones were sold in the second quarter of this year, lenovo group, nearly half of mobile phone through the operator channels for sales.Such sales way, mobile phone has a very low price or even free, mobile phone manufacturer mainly through carrier subsidy.

However, with three carriers gradually reduce the subsidies for mobile phone manufacturers, many mobile phone manufacturers will face such a situation: a lot of mobile phone sales will come from the open market.But there is a need for mobile phone manufacturers to provide more competitive products.

Previously, companies such as huawei, zte, cool by introducing independent mobile phone brand, and have high cost-effective products, has won good shipments.And obviously in this case, lenovo group should also set up a separate company, more flexible to participate in the competition.

Lenovo mobile phone business there are three brands, including Lenovo, Vibe, and announced the acquisition of MOTO, if add new brands, Lenovo will, in the form of four brands in the mobile market.

Personnel changes

With the establishment of the new unit, lenovo group has conducted the new changes.Due to the CEO Chen is a new company, his job will by the associate vice President of the China regional relational business TongFuYao emerging markets in Asia Pacific and lenovo group general manager Ken Wong take over.

TongFuYao will lead China district, and Ken Wong will be responsible for leading the emerging markets in Asia Pacific regions.In the future, now report to Chen TongFuYao and Ken Wong to lenovo group executive vice President and chief operating officer, PC business group President Mr Lanci (Gianfranco Lanci) report.

Lenovo group, said the next few months, the company will be published in the new company's business planning, product planning and organizational structure.During the transition period, Chen will continue to lead China's regional and emerging markets in Asia Pacific regional business, transition from this day until April 1 nissin company began operations in 2015.

Lenovo group proposed to Internet business transformation over the past year, following the November 27, 2013, lenovo established digital marketing team, launched on July 24, 2014 Internet startup NBD platform, as well as on August 7, 2014, officially released after the fund investment strategy, the establishment of the Internet unit, marked the lenovo transformation and a step from the Internet.