Independent ROM one plus 2 generation mobile phone next season 2

one plus phone yesterday officially launched the new JBL customised products, in addition to cooperation on new JBL E1 + headset and certification of sandstone black 16 gb one plus mobile phone, in a question and answer session Liu Zuohu also revealed some interesting news.Including one plus independent the development status of ROM and the second generation of mobile phone products.

To open a price war One plus a $1799 low version

First talk about the recent rumours for quite a lot of independent ROM.While one plus from launch with an open mind to support more ROM at the beginning of adaptation, including Color OS, CM, beautiful MIUI, IUNI OS has a perfect fit, but look from the feedback users seem to still need a separate a strengthening of full version.Therefore, one plus also said will develop in the near future.

For this event, Liu Zuohu said: it is not easy to do an independent complete ROM, especially in the era of domestic third-party ROM flowers today.So one plus independent ROM will focus on “the user demands, but did not meet the market at present” some aspects of the further breakthrough.

Independent ROM one plus 2 generation mobile phone next season 2
Bring about the question and answer session

And as for the ROM the release of the time, the a chief says the stable version or with new phones next year will launch “.Of course, according to one plus style, is likely to advance in BBS beta release.According to the previous news that only you can see at the beginning of next year Beta firmware, you can watch.

ROM one plus more mobile phones or independent firmware
Bring about BETA in general stability is not particularly

When it comes to new products, Liu Zuohu said this machine also has a strong hardware performance, attitude is still not on the product, but still can’t say too much.Specific to the release date, this machine is expected to be next year (i.e., 2015) published in the second quarter.Murphy is at the end of April?These we all can guess.

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