Recently,SONYZ3 and iPhone 6,samsungNOTE 4 on the details of the contest has beenMobile phoneThe most popular topic.Each fan of nature is to maximize the honor of his mobile phone.But objectively speaking, a lot of people support a high-end mobile phone comes with a lot of different emotional factors in it.But tell from the design, these three high-end flagship smartphones are all have different length.

Before the iPhone, samsung, always take in the mobile phone market leading position, now SONY Z3 listed, let most of the two leading old or less some worry about their position, SONY Z3 and iPhone 6, for example, from multiple perspectives to see two flagship high-end mobile phone silent "race".

Design: SONY Z3 full balance design and iPhone 6 joining together the wind swelled camera PK

SONY Z3 beyond the iPhone 6 highlight the details of the big reveal-86DIGI

Screen for the iPhone is a new attempt, for 5 inches from scratchSONY Xperia ZSeries is good.All balance design first appeared in the Xperia Z series, characterized by the whole body balance is symmetrical, comprehensive, presents no compose ACTS the role of visual impact, delicate and agile.SONY Z3 with 7.3 mm round aluminum frame of ultra-thin body together with durable reinforced glass panel show seiko spy, and provide including spring snow, obsidian a variety of optional colour such as black and electrum.

While the iPhone 6 for both the thickness of the skin thickness and a camera component, USES cameras spike type design, and use the "Mosaic" design, behind the fuselage with strip.appleStrip and raised the camera together, also become iPhone6 be vomit slot two hot spots, which is apple to iPhone6 camera phones signal and the effect to make compromises.And the subsequent will be cameras are easy to wear, etcexperienceRisk.

Photo: 25 mm wide Angle G 2070 pixelsThe lenswith8 million pixelsThe fight against

IPhone 6 for the camera, at the expense of the gold-lettered signboard of apple in design, but it seems that the design of the 8000000 megapixel camera doesn't make any change, although it is 8 million, but the iPhone 6 quality is still a brand in the industry.But even so, SONY Z3 use 25 mm 20.7 million pixels wide Angle lens was enough to beat the iPhone 6 G.

SONY Z3 beyond the iPhone 6 highlight the details of the big reveal-86DIGI

SONY has a large number of "black" of science and technology in the field of digital image, this also for the SONY Z3 technology has unique advantages.1/2.3 of an inch of ExmorRS image sensor mobile and mobile BIONZ image processor, but present perfectly sharp sharp image details.With the new 25 mm wide Angle lens, SONY G can make every shot into the more elements.In addition, SONY Z3 first to support ISO 12800 ultra-high sensitivity, to ensure that mobile phone under low light environment also can capture the image of a more perfect details.

In addition to the camera, SONY Z3 camera is very strong also, adopt new SONY SteadyShot image stabilization technology of Intelligent Active mode can be generated when shooting for motion compensation, take pictures or video recording and 4 k video, a smooth and stable images can be obtained.

Standby: battery life of a race against time

Larger body size means that can accommodate larger capacityThe battery.However, with the increase of the screen size, power consumption will also increase, how to balance this contradiction, is one of the domestic mobile phone should solve the problem.

SONY Z3 beyond the iPhone 6 highlight the details of the big reveal-86DIGI

  The iPhone 6 more but life increase co., LTD

Generally speaking, compared to the iPhone 6iPhone 5sBattery life ascension is not big, the consensus forecast for daily use or escape not to drop a day filling.However, in the same time the SONY Z3, filling, daily use can achieve 2 days it is the domestic mobile phone for said consumers one of the most practical function point.

Why SONY Z3 can do it?Because SONY Z3 under the smart power-saving mode, in a state of non-use of backstage function will be closed, thus can receive more lasting time.

Waterproof: SONY Z3 unparalleled

Waterproof function is an ace, SONY Z series to SONY Z3 already reach the grade level of IP68 waterproof and dustproof, this also is the highest level of waterproofing of civilian areas, means that can be used in 1.5 meters deep underwater SONY Z3 for half an hour.

While the iPhone 6 basic is zero, the waterproof function of use underwater natural needless to say, the function of water in daily use as artificial damage will refuse to warranty.

SONY Z3 beyond the iPhone 6 highlight the details of the big reveal-86DIGI

- in addition to the above function, SONY Z3 Hi Res timbre, 4 k video recording, as much as 600 lumens of ultra bright screen, ISO 12800 detail functions such as high sensitivity, can take out with the iPhone 6 a good spell on a few rounds, if not beyond.

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